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  • Young girl using tech for music
    Alexis Kirke, Senior Research Fellow in Computer Music at the University of Plymouth, discusses the general lack of understanding about quantum computers, and an artistic way of introducing more people to it.
  • Doctor using Laptop
    Harold Thimbleby, See Change Digital Health Fellow at Swansea University, takes a look at computer error in the health sector, and considers the challenges faced in ensuring a change for the better.
  • Selection of Valves
    The Small-Scale Experimental Machine (SSEM) can lay claim to being the world’s first computer. Martin Cooper MBCS caught up with Chris Burton to find out more about the original machine, how he helped to recreate it, and to learn what the future holds for the SSEM.
  • Woman Wearing VR Headset
    Justin Richards MBCS talks to Ben Trewhella, the CEO of Opposable Group and co-founder of Bristol Games Hub, about his latest project, the Bristol VR Lab, based in the heart of the South West of England.
  • Wind Turbines On Hillside
    Alex Bardell, Richard Lanyon-Hogg, Denise Oram and Bob Crooks from the BCS Green IT Specialist Group explain how technology can make our lives better, but only if we make IT that’s kinder to the planet.
  • Raspberry Pi
    Forget server rooms, iMacs and enterprise scale infrastructure. Sean O’Neil is saving lives in the Ivory Coast with a handful of £35 single-board computers and some tightly engineered open source code. He tells Martin Cooper MBCS the story.
  • Setting Type
    Peter Hilton explores the relationship between beautiful type and beautiful code and reveals that the need to make programs look pleasant isn’t a new idea.
  • Young people gaming
    Ian Hughes MBCS, Chair of the BCS Animation and Games Specialist Group, examines how artificial intelligence has been working as an unseen force in the games industry for a number of years.
  • Young man talking into microphone
    Dr. Martin Wheatman introduces Enguage, a language interpreter with the ability to program purely through speech.
  • Woman Using Computer
    John Reid, Chair of the BCS Fortran Group and former convener of the ISO Fortran Committee, explains that, like BCS, Fortran is alive and kicking despite being 60 years old.