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  • Drake Pruitt, CEO at Bocada, looks at how people, above products, are the key to effective data protection management.
  • Damian Hyland, VP Northern Europe, Open Text UK looks at the issues.
  • Corporations, like individuals, want value for money for the services they pay for and are prone to making comparisons with others to ensure they are not paying over the odds for the level of service they receive, write Paul Barton and Hui Min Ch’ng.
  • The effect of IT on a business's ability to perform and be competitive - and specifically what happens if you get it wrong - can be enormous. Iain Parker of the Boxwood Group looks at the crucial area of IT governance.
  • Companies must ensure they are archiving and protecting business data to comply with electronic data laws.
  • Andy Jones of the Information Security Forum assesses the hidden costs of compliance.
  • The short life-span and upgradeability of many IT assets complicate the otherwise fairly simple concept of depreciation, explains Michael Blackstaff.
  • Communicating in one of a range of ways of demonstrating to directors that IT is adding value to the business, says Brendan Murphy
  • Andrew Cromby, partner in the Dispute Resolution Department at KSB Law LLP, looks at the dangers of email exchanges and details how companies need to think very carefully.
  • In the UK, businesses have been hit with a wave of new compliance measures and reporting standards that are stirring businesses to re-evaluate their operational processes and strategies, says Dean Forbes of Primavera.

Arabian Computer News

Business analysis: the catalyst for business change
The business analyst is emerging as a force for change, bridging the traditional gap between IT and business, writes Erik Bernsten, Regional Director, Middle East, BCS The Chartered Institute for IT.
Taken from Arabian Computer News (November 2013).