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  • Graeme Pitts-Drake, managing director of Prefix IT, asks whether integrated PC management tools are the answer, especially considering security concerns and the potential benefits to SMEs.
  • Vince Eavis, head of business development, Commercial Cards Europe, Citigroup looks at getting compliant with commercial cards.
  • Copying from the internet is a contentious issue, which is leading to an increasing number of intellectual property court cases, according to Jonathan Cornthwaite of Wedlake Bell Solicitors.
  • Alan Oxley examines the steps that are generally necessary to purchase large assets and some classifications.
  • Michael Nutley, editor of New Media Age magazine, recently reported on new trends in media campaigning and digital technology at the University of Bath's Oakfield campus. The event was jointly sponsored by the University of Bath, BCS, and Set-Squared, and was co-ordinated by Wired-West.
  • Modern post client-server organizations are thick with data but where is the best data our enterprise has to offer? Where is the most appropriate, the most up to date and the most accurate data?
  • ISO/IEC 20000 is the first international standard for service management and will probably be seen as one of the most significant milestones in the development of the industry.
  • Business continuity is frequently perceived to be a scary term. Carl Windsor, chief technology consultant for TeleCity explains.
  • For those of us that don't have the powers of Mystic Meg, foreseeing the cause of the next disaster to affect your company can be nearly impossible.
  • Telephony systems rarely make it onto the list of business continuity requirements, but how many businesses can survive without access to a working telephone?

Arabian Computer News

Business analysis: the catalyst for business change
The business analyst is emerging as a force for change, bridging the traditional gap between IT and business, writes Erik Bernsten, Regional Director, Middle East, BCS The Chartered Institute for IT.
Taken from Arabian Computer News (November 2013).