Past Meetings

The Forum meets quarterly in London to discuss key issues in Health Informatics. (The forum also hosts other meetings, identified by *).

February 2010

Transforming the NHS through IT

Speakers: Heather O'Brien, Director of Information Systems at the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust
Dr Mike Bainbridge, Clinical Informatician, Principal Consultant ASE Consulting Ltd
Prof Trisha Greenhalgh, Professor of Primary Health Care, UCL

Due to the sensitive nature of the presentations we are not able to publish the slides.

June 2009

The Shared Care Record
Speakers: Peter Short, Chair of the steering group of the RCGP 'Shared Record Professional Guidance' project on behalf of CFH.
Alan Hassey, Co-author of RCGP report on the Shared Electronic Patient Record.

A report from this meeting will appear in the September edition of HINOW.

April 2009

HC2009 - The conference of the BCS Health Informatics Forum
The conference took place 28-30 April in Harrogate. Read HC2009 reports by some of those who attended.

October 2008

The Importance of Professional Development
(How BCS can help)

Microsoft PowerPoint fileIT Professionalism - Adam Thilthorpe
Microsoft PowerPoint fileSFIA & National Occupational Standards - Adam Thilthorpe and Paul Turner
Microsoft PowerPoint fileQualifications: their value in CPD - Carol Hulm
Microsoft PowerPoint fileHI workforce and professional development aspects of the HI Review - Luke Davie

July 2008

Edward James - NHS patient data: Security problems at the sharp end 
Based on 10 years of interaction with hospitals. A report is available in Sept 08 issue of HINOW.

HC2009 - Sheila Bullas
Building on the success of HC2008 - more about next year's event.

May 2008

Looking Back, Looking Forward
The launch of the book UK Health Computing, Recollections and Reflections
The introduction of IT into healthcare has not followed a smooth the experiences of some of the early pioneers of Health Informatics. A report on the event will appear in HINOW in due course.
More about the book
Photographs from the event

Looking Back, Looking Forward
Carl Bate, Capgemini VP and UK Chief Technology Officer, gave an introduction to the IT Futures Group within the BCS. A full report will appear in HINOW in due course.

PDF fileBCS IT Futures Group

April 2008

*IHE event hosted by BCSHIF

PDF fileSharing Clinical Documents and Integrating Workflow
PDF fileSharing on a global scale (165 kb)
Lionel Jarvis
PDF fileInstalled Systems Austria (719 kb)
Stefan Sauermann
PDF fileXDS in France (1.1 Mb)
Manuel Metz
PDF fileSupra-regional Access (1.1 Mb)
Alain Gauvin
PDF fileSharing Clinical Documents Oxford 2008 (3.1 Mb)
Dipak Kalra
PDF fileProfessional Future for IT (2.3 Mb)
Mike Rodd
Microsoft PowerPoint fileIHE Sharing Clinical Documents - Roundup (599 kb)

January 2008 

PDF fileIntegrating the Healthcare Enterprise 
Nick Brown
PDF fileHIS Benchmarking and Accreditation 
Di Millen, Mike Sinclair
Microsoft PowerPoint fileBCS & the IHE or the trouble with standards
   Ian Herbert

NHS23 - Tony Solomonides
ASSIST developments - Simon Anderson
A write up of this event will appear in the March issue of HINOW.

October 2007
Public health : private data?
A joint event hosted by BCS Health Informatics Forum and BCS Security Forum.
Dr Fleur Fisher - a consultant in healthcare ethics
Brian Derry - a director of informatics in large teaching hospital
Phil Cracknell - one of the UK's leading information security specialists
Tom Parker - has special expertise in patient confidentiality controls
Salient Points from Public health: private data from Security Forum Manager Andrea Simmons
HINOW piece on Public health: private data?

April 2007
Speaker: Jagdip Grewal, Chief Technical Architect for Connecting For Health
Subject: Service Orientated Architectures

Speaker: Rob Navarro 
Subject: Can patient data be shared without risking patient privacy?

January 2007

Speakers: Andrew Haw MBCS and Dr Jean Roberts CEng FBCS CITP
Subject: The Way Forward for HI as a Profession

Reports from this meeting are in March 07 HINOW, entitled Plethora of views aired at professionalism debate and Wide scope 'creates squid-like synergy'

October 2006

Speakers: Professor Graham Wright and co-presenter Dr Peter Murray
Subject: Defining the Core Knowledge Base of Health Informatics

A report from this meeting is available in Dec 06 HINOW, entitled What is at the discipline's core.

July 2006

Speaker: Professor Brian Toft
Subject: Is the Human Being More Dangerous than the Computer?

A report on this talk is available in Sept 06 HINOW, entitled Beware of switching onto automatic pilot

Speaker: Pam Hughes
Subject: UKCHIP - Pathway to Professional Regulation?
Microsoft PowerPoint filePam Hughes' presentation (680 kb)


Speaker: Katherine Pigott
Subject: Benchmarking Standards for Biomedical Informatics Microsoft PowerPoint fileKatherine Pigott's presentation (108 kb)


April 2006

Speaker: Dr Mike Bainbridge
Subject: The Common User Interface (CUI) project
PDF fileCUI Project presentation (1.5 Mb)

Speaker: Mike Duman
Subject: Clinical Benefits Advisers
PDF fileClincial Benefits Advisors presentation (300 kb)

Speaker: Philip Scott
Subject: How HL7 UK is supporting implementation of healthcare messaging
Microsoft PowerPoint fileHL7 UK presentation (1.2 Mb)

Speaker: Dr Paul McCullagh
Subject: Health & Medical Informatics Northern Ireland
Microsoft PowerPoint fileHealth & Medical Informatics presentation (7.7 Mb)

January 2006

Speaker: Celia Boyer
Subject: A Decade Devoted to Improving Online Health Information Quality (Health on the Net – HON)
PDF fileHON part 1 (1.9 mb)
PDF fileHON part 2 (4.7 mb)
PDF fileHON part 3 (1.9 mb)
PDF filePIF (1.0 mb)>
PDF fileIMIA (140 kb)
PDF fileStandards (1.6 mb)
PDF fileIHE (516 kb)
PDF fileJanuary 2006 Report (32 kb)

October 2005

Speaker: Professor Denis Protti
Subject: Health Informatics has a favourable impact on patient care. Agree or disagree?
Presentation Slides (13 Mb)  PDF fileOctober 2005 Report

July 2005

Speaker: Professor Jeremy Wyatt
Subject: Carrying out pilot studies on eHealth systems and services: a pilot that failed.

PDF filePilot Studies Presentation


PDF fileJuly 2005 Report

April 2005

Speaker: Barbara McManus
Subject: HCI and HI. Is there 'C' of a difference

PDF fileBarbara McManus Presentation (PDF)

PDF fileApril 2005 Report

January 2005

Speaker: John Fox
Subject: Improving decision-making and workflow in patient care: a review of PROforma technology and its current evidence base'

Proforma PresentationPDF fileJanuary 2005 Report

October 2004

Speaker: Andrew Todd-Pokropec
Subject: PACS: from research to routine (some issues concerning the widespread installation of PACS).

Presentation not available.PDF fileOctober 2004 Report

July 2004

Speaker: Professor Frances Mair
Subject: Evidence based eHealth.

Microsoft PowerPoint fileFrances Mair Presentation

PDF fileJuly 2004 Report

April 2004

Speaker: Dr Paul Debenham
Subject: The Implications for Genetics in Healthcare

Presentation Slides PDF fileApril 2004 Report