BCS Health Position Papers and Responses

A Policy Group (PG) compiles BCS Health responses to relevant Government documents from the home countries, European Commission and internationally.

When reading the responses please be aware that in October 2009, the BCS Health Informatics Forum (BCSHIF) became BCS Health. The BCS Health Informatics Forum was formed in January 2005, having evolved from the BCS Health Informatics Committee (HIC).

Use of material

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Response Archive

Response to Liberating the NHS: An Information Revolution - January 2011
BCS report and responses from three BCS Health Groups

Guidance on the amendment of Medical and Social Care Records - September 2009
BCS response, including BCS Health response

BCS Concerns about the Data Sharing Implications of the Coroners and Justice Bill - February 2009
BCS response, including BCSHIF response

Public, Patients and other interested Parties' Views on Additional Uses of Patient Data - December 2008
BCS response, including BCSHIF response

Response to Thomas-Walport Data Sharing Review Report - October 2008
BCS response, including BCSHIF response

Data Sharing Review - July 2008
BCS response, including BCSHIF response

National Audit Office Study - November 2007
BCSHIF response

Information Accreditation Scheme - July 07
BCSHIF response

Electronic Patient Record - March 07
BCSHIF response

Informing Healthier Choices: Information and Intelligence for Healthy Populations - Jun 06

The consultation focuses on a new strategy which sets out 'proposals to provide comprehensive and innovative information systems' and 'improve the availability and quality of health information and intelligence across England and to increase its use to support population health improvement, health protection and work on care standards and quality.'

The aim of the strategy is to provide 'a fully informed picture of health and its determinants' and to provide a mechanism for much closer monitoring of progress.

BCSHIF Response (PDF)

2011 Census - Aug 05
Initial view on content for England and Wales (PDF)

The Forum felt it necessary to respond to this particularly with regard to the suggested re-use, without explicit subject permission, of data from NHS patient systems.

National Audit Office
National Audit Office Jan 2005

Radical Steps
Radical Strides - July 05
Radical Steps Position Statement - Nov 04 (PDF)
Radical Steps - Feb 04 (PDF)
Radical Steps - Jul 03 (PDF)
Radical Steps - Jul 02 (PDF)

Proposals for the NHS University Feb 03
HIC Response (PDF)

Overall Procurement Strategy - Aug 02
HIC Response (PDF)

Integrated Care Records Service - July 02
HIC Response (PDF)

Developing 21st Century IT Support for the NHS : National Strategic Programme - Jun 02
HIC Response (PDF)

NB:This report generated the Radical Steps initiative of the BCS Health Informatics Committee

The Wanless Report Apr 02
HIC Response (PDF)

Implementing Information for Health: Even More Challenging than Expected? Oct 99
The Protti Report (PDF)
HIC Response (PDF)

DTI Foresight consultation: Research in New Technologies for Health
Foresight website
HIC Response (PDF)