Academy of Computing Board

The remit of the BCS Academy of Computing Board is consistent with BCS’ goal of building a fully integrated education system, linking academic and practitioner knowledge needs.

The key people spearheading the Academy of Computing Board are:

The Academy of Computing Board mission is to advance the creation, study and application of knowledge in computing.

The overarching purpose of the Academy is to:

Advance the creation, study and application of knowledge in computing for the benefit of the public.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Promote the benefits, successes and challenges of computer science and engineering through public engagement.
  • Establish computing as a core academic discipline at every level of education, which is recognised as of equal value to any natural science or engineering discipline and treated accordingly.
  • Develop and support a cohesive community inclusive of scholars, researchers and professionals with a shared commitment to the advancement of computing.

The Academy of Computing Board will be supported in its aims by:

  • Academic Accreditation Committee
  • Professional Examinations Board
  • Academy Awards Committee
  • Distinguished Dissertation Panel
    (reporting to the Academy Awards Committee)
  • Turing Lecture Series (BCS dimension)

To carry out its responsibilities the Board also works alongside other BCS Boards especially Policy and Public Affairs Board.