BCS Academy of Computing

Teacher with students looking at computer monitor

The BCS Academy of Computing is a learned society dedicated to advancing computing as an academic discipline. Its mission is to advance the creation, study and application of knowledge in computing for the benefit of society.

This mission is a core component of the BCS’s Royal Charter and is a key pillar of the Institute’s strategic goals.

The Academy aims to develop and support an open and inclusive community that brings together scholars, teachers, researchers and professionals, irrespective of background, experience or any other factors. By ensuring computing knowledge is invented, nurtured and innovated across these sectors, the Academy provides a platform to drive the success of computing in the future.

A unifying forum

Computing as a discipline is tremendously exciting and one of the outstanding achievements of our times. It is important because for the first time in human history we can automate the understanding and creation of knowledge. Computing also underpins so many important areas that drive the success of our society.

The subject is not only vibrant and growing but more rigorous, more interdisciplinary, more experimental and more user-orientated than ever. Examples of ingenious computational ideas that have had significant impact include: using programming languages to model cell biology, retrieving documents from the internet based on quantum theory, and building new kinds of massively parallel computers that mimic the human brain.

At the same time, computing has a distinguished heritage, emerging from a rich variety of other disciplines. This, together with the ever-increasing acceleration of computing, has resulted in fragmentation of the communities engaged in its advancement. There is therefore a need for a unifying forum to provide integration and coherence across education, research and business.

The Institute as a whole has enabled a wide range of learned-society activities over the years, such as those of the various member groups; however, for a long time it did not in fact have a dedicated learned society. The BCS Academy of Computing was therefore established as the learned society for the Institute, ensuring in future that BCS has a coherent strategy for advancing computing as an academic discipline.

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