BCS/IET Annual Turing Lecture Series 2011

And now for something completely different.: 'An Evening with Donald Knuth - All Questions Answered'.

The 2011 BCS/IET Turing Lecture did not follow the usual form of a talk followed by a question and answer session. Instead, Don made a short introduction and then took questions about any subject.

He warned in advance that "The audience should be aware that the answers will be my best shot, though those outside the field of The Art of Programming may have somewhat less credibility than a Wikipedia article."

He also revealed the significance of the number 885205232, which some speculate may turn out to be surreal.

The winner of the ticket draw in London for a signed copy of Don Knuth's latest book was Martin Frost.

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Don Knuth, Computer Scientist & Professor Emeritus of the Art of Computer Programming at Stanford University, USA.

Dates and venues:

  • London
    1 February 2011 - Lecture Theatre, IET London: Savoy Place
  • Cardiff
    3 February 2011 - Birt Acres Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University
  • Manchester
    8 February 2011 - Lecture Theatre B, University Place, University of Manchester
  • Glasgow
    10 February 2011 - Bute Hall, University of Glasgow

Don was available for a book signing at each lecture and a discount was available to all delegates.

Watch the 2011 Lecture at www.iet.tv

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Don Knuth

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