Our speakers sometimes provide copies of their presentations or other useful resource files, and these are gathered here for your convenience.

Title Event Description
IT IT @ F1 Speed John Saville's slides from this event
BCS Transformation Knowledge Cafe Elizabeth Sparrow's presentation from this event.
Cloud Computing Cloud Computing John Varney's slides from his talk in April 2010.
Social Networking Social Networking Eileen Brown's Unified Communications presentation from 2009.
Protecting Identity and Information AGM followed by Who is Who and What is Where? Mark Crichton's presentation from the 2009 AGM.
AGM Notice 2009 AGM followed by Who is Who and What is Where? This is the formal notice of the Essex Branch 2009 AGM.
Microsoft Research Notes
An Overview of Projects at Microsoft Research Cambridge A copy of Satnam Singh's presentation from November 2008. Note that the videos shown during the evening have not been included for reasons of size.
AGM Notice 2008 AGM followed by The challenge of Next Generation Access This is the formal notice of the Essex Branch 2008 AGM.
Robot Invasion Are you Ready for Robot Invasion? Huoshen Hu kindly provided the slides from his presentation, note that the videos have not been included due to their size.
Grid Computing Grid Computing This is Ian Osborne's presentation from the November event.
BT Broadband Broadband Technology Elspeth MacFadyen's presentation from March 2007.
Progress with UK e-Science Grid Computing - Progress with UK e-Science Malcolm Atkinson gave this presentation in April 2007.
Programme and Project Accounting
Programme and Project Accounting This is John Chapman's presentation from October 2006.
AGM Notice 2006 Branch AGM followed by Digital Creativity This is the formal notice of the Essex Branch 2006 AGM.
VoIP Presentation VOIP The full copy of Peter Gradwell's presentation.
VoIP Flyer VOIP The brief technology overview document from Peter Gradwell's presentation.
PCG Freelancing Freelancing - the State of Play Today This is the presentation given by Richard Robson in November 2004.
Chip and PIN Chip and PIN Technology Nigel Dudley's presentation from September 2004.
HMCE Presentation
Developing an IS Profession in HM Customs & Excise
This is the presentation given by Steve Hay.