Business Information Systems Specialist Group

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While many BCS Specialist Groups concentrate on the nuts and bolts of the technology, the BISSG was established in the late 1970s as a forum for investigating and discussing the business-related issues of IT.

The Group's membership is drawn from commercial organisations and academia, reflecting the considerable commercial importance of IT and the need for a theoretical foundation for its application. Members include IT managers, practitioners, consultants, independent consultants and academics.

The choice of speakers and topics helps ensure a balanced representation of concepts and practice. Broadly, the BISSG focuses on:

  • Business Information
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Integration
  • Business Infrastructure
  • Business Investment realisation

Programme Details

Follow the Forthcoming events link at the side for details of future meetings.  Via the Past events link, you can usually get access to event presentations.

Meeting Details

We meet every month during the academic year - October to May - usually on the second Wednesday of the month (but check for specific details). We meet at the BCS London office off the Strand, WC2 (follow the Location map link for details). We meet from 18:00; the session starts at 18:30 and finishes by 20:30 at the latest. Meetings are free. We also meet online at our Linked in group.


If you are a BCS member, you can select the BISSG as one of the five Branches / Groups that you can join. Registered members will receive emails on the overall programme and meeting reminders - with a topic / speaker synopsis - a few weeks before each session.

If you are not a BCS member, you can still attend BISSG meetings. But you will need to check this site from time to time - or the BCS Events page - for programme details.

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