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  • HINOW Summer 2011 (140px)
    The Nursing Specialist Group, one of the professional member groups in BCS Health, presented a tutorial entitled 'Developing Health and Social Care Practitioners as Meaningful Informatics Users' at HC 2011.
  • Christine Connelly
    The BCS HC2011 health informatics conference saw the return of government to the event’s stages. One of the key speakers at this year’s event was Christine Connelly, Chief Information Officer at the Department of Health.
  • Nurse with a patient in a wheelchair
    The English NHS consultation on Liberating the NHS - An Information Revolution has clearly set the agenda for significant change, putting the patient at the centre of information systems, and recognising the role and information needs of carers.
  • Woman in a field with a map
    Information underpins all the plans for the refocusing of the NHS announced by the coalition government in its policy consultation document entitled ‘Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS’.
  • Magnifying glass over a pink diamond
    Daniel Ray is the Director of the Quality Outcomes and Research Unit Board at University Hospitals, Birmingham. At a recent meeting of the BCS Health (Northern) Specialist Group he described the three main information systems that have been developed within the hospital over the last 10+ years and went on to discuss their impact.