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  • Digital wave
    ‘More for less’ is a current motif of the healthcare headlines. The use of digital dictation and speech / voice recognition in hospitals around the UK is already demonstrating a rare combination - an increase in activity (productivity) and cash savings.
  • Medical person on the telephone
    For years telecare and telehealth have been bandied around as magic pills that will help the NHS meet the challenge of an ageing population with increasingly complex healthcare needs at a time of fewer resources and shrinking budgets.
  • Space and power are core issues facing any progressive IT department and Dorset HealthCare NHS Foundation Trust (DHFT) had a pressing need for data centre space to meet growing requirements.
  • Doctor getting data
    The centralised data sharing model is outdated, high-risk and high-cost says Justin Anderson, CEO of risk intelligence company Flexeye.
  • Robotic hand
    Robotics is a multidisciplinary science that is now really taking off, says Antonio Espingardeiro.