CITP - The Open Group Fast Track Scheme

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How the scheme works

In line with our shared objective to promote global standards for IT professionals, BCS and The Open Group have signed an agreement which allows individuals who hold one of the following Open Group Certifications to be exempt from the Initial Review and Interview elements of the CITP assessment process.

We have assessed The Open Group’s Certified Architect and Certified IT Specialist certifications and are satisfied that the criteria and processes established by The Open Group meet the level of experience and competence demanded for CITP status.

Applicants will need to be a Professional member of BCS, or become one through their fast track application. They’ll also be assessed for a breadth of knowledge which allows them to communicate and work with specialists across the IT profession.

  • The Open Group Certified Architect:
    • Master (level 2)
    • Distinguished (level 3)
  • The Open Group Certified IT Specialist:
    • Master (level 2)
    • Distinguished (level 3)

Certificates must have a minimum of six months validity from the date of application.

How to apply


This agreement is great news for IT professionals who want to complete both a qualification from The Open Group as well as achieve CITP status as it is now possible to gain both without duplicating efforts.

James de Raeve, VP of Certification, The Open Group