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  • Businessman Writing On Whiteboard
    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result says Zahid Jiwa, VP UK&I, OutSystems.
  • BCS Editor, Justin Richards spoke to a number of attendees at the recent BCS Entrepreneur Specialist Group's 'Kick Start Kids' event to hear their views on the level of Government support available to entrepreneurs, and about their own endeavours.
  • Agile debate still
    What is agile? How can it be implemented? Does it scale? These are some of the questions discussed in this latest debate featuring Stuart Reid, CTO of Testing Solutions Group, Siamak Shams, Head of Learn at Radtek and Dale Titcombe, Application Development Manager BCS.
  • Rocket launching
    The short answer to the question about whether entrepreneurs can be taught is ‘yes’. However, there are some important caveats, as Rob Wirszycz FBCS explains.
  • Born or Made debate still
    When it comes to entrepreneurs, are they born or can they be made? That was the theme of a BCS debate, hosted by Brian Runciman, featuring Christopher Thomas, Director at Sports Fusion; Timothy Barnes, Director of UCL Advances and Emma Jones from Start-up Britain, Founder of Enterprise Nation.


BCS held a debate about the subject of women in IT and entrepreneurs. Hosted by Brian Runciman MBCS it featured Maggie Berry MD of Women in technology and Elizabeth Varley co-founder and CEO of TechHub.

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