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  • Simon Revell video thumbnail
    When it comes to changing the way that staff work and collaborate, enterprise 2.0 is a new solution. Simon Revell, CIO at Pfizer explains how enterprise 2.0 software helped his company move in different directions.
  • The word 'patent' highlighted in a dictionary
    Tim Kitchin, BCS Innovation and Entrepreneurship Manager, looks at software patents because, whether you love them or hate them, they affect businesses of all sizes that are using and developing software and the recent ‘phone wars’ have illustrated the various ways in which software patents can be used.
  • John Sollars
    John Sollars, MD of talks about learning from his mistakes, how to keep a business running and why Sir Clive Sinclair is his inspiration.
  • Charlie Walker
    Even though Charlie Walker had a promising career ahead of him he decided that starting his own business would be the way forward. He spoke to Henry Tucker MBCS about his experiences.
  • Image Security thumbnail
    Brian Runciman MBCS spoke to Mike Hawks about an innovative new way of locking devices without having to remember yet another password.


BCS held a debate about the subject of women in IT and entrepreneurs. Hosted by Brian Runciman MBCS it featured Maggie Berry MD of Women in technology and Elizabeth Varley co-founder and CEO of TechHub.

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