Reflecting on experience

Once time has passed to enable you to consider what you have learned and how you have put it into practice (as recorded), you can now reflect on the whole experience and consider how your development could be more effective for you. Identify any learning points both good and bad.

The BCS Personal Development Plan helps you reflect upon what you have gained. Both Development Goals and Activities show a Review button when they have been marked as “Complete” but not yet reviewed. You can then click the button to enter a Reviewed Date and enter your synopsis of your achievements in the Outcome Achieved field.

Consider the following:

  • Have I achieved my development plan for this period?
  • Have I progressed in line with my career aspirations?
  • How should I change my career aspirations?
  • What have I actually gained from this exercise?
  • What type of development has delivered the greatest benefit?
  • What type of development has delivered the least benefit?
  • What should I look to include in my next development planning cycle?

In addition to reflecting on what you have learnt, you should benefit from reflecting on how you best learn. Identifying the types of CPD Activity that best suit you will help you focus and plan efficient and effective activities to meet your future goals.

Consider using the Development Goals or Activities reports in the BCS Personal Development Plan to analyse which types of CPD Activities are working well for you.

The result of this stage enables you to start your next round of planning.

Supporting you

To assist you in your CPD planning and execution, we support you in a number of ways.

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