Continuing Professional Development (CPD) support

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, provide an array of facilities and tools to help you in your CPD planning, execution of those plans, and recording your results.

BCS provides a number of resources to help you plan your career, including its Career Framework for IT Professionals with its associated underlying career path definitions, and SFIAplus with its enhancements to the well-established underlying SFIA model.

We provide:

The CPD framework

Guidance to help you plan and track your CPD
Our CPD portal offers guidance and answers to frequently asked questions, along with examples of how to record your CPD.

Resources to help you maintain your CPD
Our CPD Recording tool, the BCS Personal Development Plan, enables any IT professional to record and maintain their CPD. It allows you to record your development goals and the activities you plan and complete to reach those development goals. It has a responsive design, which enables you to use it when you need it using a compatible smartphone, tablet device or PC. You can access the tool at If you are a BCS member, you can use your MyBCS login and password. If you are not a member, you can register for a login and password for free.

Members can access Browse SFIAplus to help identify potential development goals and activities. We have also created a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

Resources to help you plan your career aspirations
Our Career Framework for IT Professionals, Career Path Definitions, SFIA and SFIAplus

A wide range of CPD activities
We publish a range of books, publications, research materials and iTunes U content, many of which can be regarded as CPD enablers. We offer professional certifications and accredited training courses. We facilitate networking through our Branches and Specialist groups.

Record your CPD using the BCS Personal Development Plan!

On a compatible smartphone, tablet device or PC, record your development goals and activities. Start using the BCS Personal Development Plan at today using your MyBCS login and password.

Personal Development Plan

Not a BCS Member? Register here to get your free login and password to use the Personal Development Plan.