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  • Amendments to the terms and conditions governing .uk domain name registrations will come into effect from next month, to formalise procedures for suspending domain names used to carry out online crime.
  • We are looking for your help to shape a robust Agreement that strengthens our core .uk business, supports Registrant retention rates and the relationship with our Channel, promotes best practice and customer service, and reinforces .uk as trusted, relevant and competitive.
  • CMA attended a session with the Valuations Office Agency on Monday 22 April on Non-Domestic Ratings and Fixed Wireless.
  • A small party of CMA members was very fortunate to have been invited by BT to be briefed on some of the projects currently under way at its Adastral Park Global Engineering Centre.
  • Ofcom, the UK's communications regulator, started the meeting with the not unreasonable thought that mobile phone consumers expect service availability indoors, outdoors and on the move.
  • Last week, the International Telecommunications Users Group (which CMA helped to establish in 1974) sent an open letter to European Commission Vice President Kroes, as well as to the EU Mission in Washington DC, the US Trade Representative, and the European Directorates for Trade, Competition and Connect (ICT).
  • The CMA response to the Ofcom consultation highlighted the concerns of members regarding the current and future delivery of mobile and fixed broadband in the UK and the potential digital exclusion of large parts of the UK population and economy.
  • Nuisance Calls

    25th Mar 2013
    CMA member Claire Milne is assembling news items, along with a good deal of other relevant information about nuisance calls, on a Google group. Anyone interested in joining should get in touch with her.
  • New laws will encourage network sharing, harmonised spectrum policies, and cross-border roaming or consolidation.
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