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  • Welcome to our Indian Summer - sorry Autumn - programme. I was just so pleased that I could bring back some good weather from France when I had a week there down south earlier in the month – well, someone must have caused this change in the weather!
  • Coalface certainly has her beaky in some odd places! The FA Premier League is battling bravely against those evil pub landlords who use imported satellite decoder cards to let their customers watch live Premier League matches broadcast from other EU countries.
  • Well, while a lot of you have been off sunning yourselves and generally relaxing it has been business as usual for those of us left behind.
  • Well, summer did arrive after all, who would have believed it. I for one was convinced that the closest I’d get to a tan this year would be out of a bottle but I’m pleased to say I am no longer a whiter shade of pale without man made intervention.
  • Coalface: June 2008

    30th Jun 2008
    Every avid devourer of this column will know that Ofcom has at last got round to “doing something” about the blatant mis-use of 0870 by scamming, amoral scumbags.
  • Well they say that time flies when you are enjoying yourself so I must have been having a ball this month as I’m sure it was only yesterday that I was updating you on everything. I just wish the weather had produced a ‘flaming June’ to add to the enjoyment.
  • Coalface: May 2008

    31st May 2008
    On 30 April the European Commission authorised under the EC Treaty state aid rules £3.4 million in public funding for a broadband measure in remote and rural areas of Scotland.
  • Actually there’s been quite a lot on what with one thing and another. We participated in the judging of two awards in April - Techworld and Comms Business.
  • Coalface, always up there with the trendies, found this delight on YouTube. On the face of it, it’s a plug for FTTH. But it’s not until you get to the end that you realise it’s a professionally-produced plea for the abandonment of net neutrality.
  • A rather intrepid me on Maundy Thursday night, listening to the wind building up on the South Coast and wondering whether it will be worth taking my laptop on the ferry to France at some ungodly hour in the morning.