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  • Is NAT the killer for SME's on IPv4, once v6 becomes ubiquitous? Read the claim that it is, followed by a (highly technical) note of caution.
  • March 2012 update

    2nd Apr 2012
    The highlight for March was the very successful UC Exhibition at Olympia where the CMA hada stand kindly provided by Imago the exhibition organisers. Our thanks go to Carolyn Kimber and Julian Harriott who made all the arrangements with Imago and organised the BCS and Board support.
  • Here we are, almost in April already - as I said to someone the other day time certainly is flying so I must be enjoying myself. And March’s enjoyment kicked off with UC Expo, although I must admit by the time I left on day two my feet didn’t entirely agree with me.
  • Posted on the website is a summary of our intentions for 2012, which I hope you have all managed to find time to read. In the item, I have summarised how we see the CMA moving forward.
  • CMA has joined INTUG, 3, the FSB uSwitch and Which? in urging the UK Telecoms Minister to vote for a major reduction in roaming fees throughout the 27 Member States.
  • I thought you were going to be let off the hook having to read yet another of my missives (to say nothing of me having a month off too) but a few things have cropped up that I think you ought to be aware of.
  • In the league table that really matters Romania has consolidated its place while the UK failed, again, to qualify. But the surprise news is that London will host the 2013 FTTH Council Europe conference.
  • Inadequate security is currently seen as a major inhibitor to the widespread adoption of public cloud services by many large user organisations.
  • Domain Name Expiry

    15th Feb 2012
    As some you may know I have recently joined the Nominet .uk Policy Committee. Part of their policy process is to consult their members and the outside world on any issues that have been raised, thoroughly discussed and for which recommendations have been produced for further consultation.
  • Yesterday INTUG responded to a BEREC consultation on Special Rate Services, underlining the concerns business users have with the inconsistencies in the provision of these services between different EU member states, both in terms of numbering plans and charging principles.