RSS - BCS: Latest video interviews
  • Sean Newman
    BCS Multimedia Editor, Justin Richards talks to Sean Newman, Security Strategist at Cisco about the current and near future security landscape.
  • Yota Dimitriadi
    BCS Press Officer, Amanda Matheson recently attended the Lovelace Colloquium at Reading University and spoke to a number of the attendees and organisers regarding their involvement with the event and about their own perceptions of women working in the IT arena.
  • Speech and Language Therapist, Julia Parsons talks to BCS Editor, Justin Richards and patient, Paul Wilson about the 'Step by Step' language therapy software.
  • Natasa Przulj
    Natasa Przulj, a reader at the Department of Computing, Imperial College, London is the 2014 winner of the Roger Needham award.
  • Security expert and former Chair of the BCS young professionals security group Mike Westmacott talks about his experiences at the two BCS political party fringe events.
  • Art Gilliland, SVP and General Manager of HP Software Enterprise Security Products, spoke to Henry Tucker MBCS about the pressing security issues and how the industry can deal with them.
  • Justin Richards, BCS Multimedia Editor recently spoke to Dr James Anderson FBCS CSci CITP about his plans for a new supercomputer, the practical applications of advanced mathematics within IT, his claim to have solved the problem of 'dividing by zero', his thoughts on the teaching of computer science and IT in schools and colleges, and his visions for the future of the profession.
  • Rod Jackson, CEO of IT services and recruitment company aap3 spoke to Henry Tucker MBCS about trends and issues in the industry and challenges for CEOs and CIOs.