Presenter(s) Title (link to abstract) Link to Paper
Shirley Lacy & Ivor Macfarlane
Where did my CMDB go? What has Configuration Management become in the 21st Century? Download paper
  Summary of All Interactive Sessions (60 pages) Download paper
John Dixon The Configuration Management Value Proposition
Kevin Holland How Service Transition supports the need for effective Configuration Management - an ITIL V3 perspective Download paper
Shirley Lacy and Ivor MacFarlane What is the CMDB/CMS all for? Download paper
John Boyce Practical challenges of implementing an effective CMDB and global Configuration Management platforms and processes Download paper
Majid Iqbal CMS and the untapped potential: Knowledge management for the ITIL Service Lifecycle
Ryan Lloyd Building an Application CMDB
John Dixon How can we judge the value of a CMDB/CMS
Shahin Nassiri Deploying Subversion in a distributed environment Download paper
Steve Straker Configuration Management and the federated CMDB
Kevin Holland CMS - Barriers and Critical Success Factors Download paper
David Richards Replicating Subversion: The Active-Active Way Download paper
Kevin Parker Innovation Without Permission Download paper
Krzysztof Baczkiewicz Tailor your Configuration Management technology to your needs Download paper
Andrew Pieri and Mark Smith Case Study - CMDB/CMS Pilot implementation
Martin McEvoy CMDB - a Journey, Not a Destination: Best Practices from the Field
Kate Robinson Configuration Management: The Powerhouse of Service Management…or is it?
Alan Morbey and Chris Beighton Continuous Integration without Branching Download paper
Working Party How to improve an existing Configuration Management process Download paper
John Martin Reusable Component Management Through the use of Subversion Externals Download paper
Gaurav Dutt Uniyal Ignite your Configuration Engines - Real world experiences for CMDB Success Download paper
Neal R Firth Consolidating your SCM Infrastructure - migrating between Tools Download paper
Gene Kim The Visible Ops Approach to Implementing CMDBs
Ian Preskett Why Software Asset Management (SAM) and the CMDB need each other
Ivor MacFarlane Service management requirements for the CMDB/CMS
Jack Repenning How open source Subversion is all grown up...standing shoulder to shoulder with proprietary solutions Download paper
Amir Nooriala CMDB in Practice - Real case-study of Implementing a CMDB in a large global institution Download paper
Martyn Hobbs Closing the gap between the Data Centre and the Customer Download paper
Mike Tomkinson Service Asset & Configuration Management Vision Download paper
Tom Gilb Quantifying Top Management Objectives for IT Systems Download paper
Trevor Lea-Cox A surprising lesson for the CMDB from Containerised Cargo Services Download paper
Richard Croucher The CMDB as the core component in creating agile infrastructures Download paper
Harvey Davison How do you populate your CMDB?
Rainer Heinold Make the most out of Subversion 1.5 in the Enterprise Download paper
Cathy Brown How to Keep Your Auditor Happy! Download paper
John Tabeart Intelligent Sat Nav for Service Management - How to drive business value from your CMDB/CMS Not presented
Mark Bools Bringing the CMS solution to fruition Download paper
Thiago H. Burgos de Olveira Software Configuration Management Diversity - A Commercial Study Case Download paper
Rob Addy Discover the truth about discovery
John Metcalfe Selecting a CMS Tool Download paper
Robin Fawcett Identifying and sharing best practices for implementing configuration management Download paper
Keith Allen Managing changes to applications services from requirements to production with ITIL, COBIT and the CMDB/CMS Download paper
David Cuthbertson Applying Configuration Management to the Data Centre Download paper
Shirley Lacy and Ian Salvage Implementation - What works and what doesn't Download paper
Gerald Tombs Creating an integrated Open Source CM solution Download paper