09.30 - 10.15 - Keynote Speech

Martin Thompson - Report on Research in SAM, Config, and ITSM

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10.15 - 10.45

CD Kevin Parker - Application Release Automation: Necessary, But Not Sufficient

One of the key principles of DevOps is 'automate everything'. A quick win for most companies is the automation of current methods for software deployment, albeit manual and/or scripted. While improvements to operational efficiency around software deployment are quickly realized, this approach can still preserve islands of automation. Serena believes that while application release automation is a necessary, and very important, step towards DevOps, it is not sufficient to satisfy the larger release management challenges faced by today’s enterprises. In addition, we believe you need to possess the ability to take actions based on comprehensive insight into your practices, and improve your ability to plan and execute artifacts hand-off along the path-to-production.

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CCRM David Wheable - The Evolution of Service Transition

The presentation will start with an overview reminder of the scope, content, value and principles of service transition, followed by identifying what’s really important, and what we are prepared to let go of. We move on to look at different concepts that have an impact on how we approach service transition, and discuss what these things are, and what impact each of them has on service transition. The concepts covered here are cloud, agile, devops, continual integration and continual improvement.

This is followed by some discussion of new approaches to testing and how these can be used. There is a reminder of the benefits of moving to a more modern service transition implementation and a call to action for people to embrace this new world and start creating more value for their customers, followed by a brief suggestion on how to set about updating processes to support these new ideas. The presentation will finish with suggestions for further reading - resources to help people learn more.

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SAM Gemma Walker - Microsoft reviews - the MS Approach, an outside perspective

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11.15 - 12.00

CD Robert Cowham - The Real CD

What do people mean by Continuous Delivery? How does it differ from other industry buzz words such as Agile and DevOps? Is anyone actually doing more than just talking about it, and if so what are they doing?

This presentation will look at some of the underpinnings of CD and address the sorts of tools, processes and mindset changes required to achieve it. There are some key foundation requirements, but significant improvement is possible for nearly any team or organisation. To quote Sir Dave Brailsford, the Performance Director of Great Britain's hugely successful Olympic cycling team (8 golds in both 2008 and 2012) - it is the 'aggregation of marginal gains' which will lead you to success in Continuous Delivery. Some organisations have been quietly on this path for years, and Robert will discuss various case studies.

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CCRM Michel Delran - The employee as an asset (User Centric Asset Management)

The concept of allocating a hardware or software asset to a user or an organization is now insufficient as the user will access applications running in the cloud and using mobile devices belonging or not to the enterprise. This causes challenges when you want to understand what is impacting the company on a finance, security, data privacy and legal point of views. All elements reside in different tools which are disjointed and sometime not under the control of the enterprise. Treating each aspect individually leads to incompleteness and inaccuracy. With User Centric Asset Management, the asset paradigm is shifted and allows the integration with all sorts of “assets”. As an example, a user may receive a laptop and a smartphone from the company and uses a virtual desktop on a Citrix server for all Office automation applications. He is accessing SAP through its browser and when on the move a mobile app gives him access to a CRM application in SaaS mode like Salesforce.com. He also have a personal tablet that he uses for personal activities but also to access is professional emails and the documents that he wants to consult on the move, etc. The presentation will present the value of moving to User Centric Asset Management.

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SAM Paul McAdam - The changing world of SAM - Microsoft's view

Paul McAdam, Senior Anti-Piracy lead at Microsoft UK, will present on how the company approaches Software Asset Management with its customers and partners. Paul will look at the trends and emerging patterns in Software Asset Management and where the profession is leading. Expect to see some interesting insights of what the world’s largest software vendor experiences in the SAM market place.

12.00 - 12.45

CD Kiranraj Gourish Nayak - Our Agile Release Journey...Twelve Hours to One Hour

How do you bring down the release process for a complex, 10,000+ Mark II Function Point product from a day to under an hour?

Two years ago, we transitioned from Waterfall to Agile, and one of our biggest pain points was our long release process, which ate into the time we had for development and reduce our velocity. Additionally, there were multiple customer environments to deploy to; this manual build and deployment provided room for error. To improve our performance, we looked at three areas - Release strategy, Continuous Integration and Deployment Automation.

In Release Strategy driven by Continuous Integration, we looked at robust Subversion strategy in line with Continuous Integration (CI) guidelines, Code Quality Static Analysis and reporting integrated with CI, Custom built unit testing framework written on top of Junit and reports available at CI dashboard, Build once deploy anywhere build strategy and maven artifactory based centralized resource management to deploy the artifacts built once in different test environments. Finally to speed up the deployment process, we came up with Deployment Automation that creates all the required platform components like datasources, queues etc. and deploys the application on to the server. Database Change Requests and Post Installation Verification are also part of deployment automation.

We will cover learnings and challenges faced in each area and the innovative patterns we followed to address the challenges faced. Cumulatively, we achieved end to end automation starting just after the code freeze till application being available for testing on a test environment and reduced the time needed for release from a day to under an hour.

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CCRM Richard Horton - How to do Change Management

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13.45 - 14.30

CD Andrew Phillips - Powering Continuous Delivery pipelines through next-generation Configuration Management

Continuous Delivery and DevOps are changing the way organizations deliver applications and services to their customers. The IT organization, including Configuration Management has to change in order to drive these initiatives.

This presentation will talk about the importance of reliable, flexible infrastructure and configuration management for effective Continuous Delivery pipelines. Learn how key technologies and principles such as Infrastructure as Code, hybrid cloud, Platform as a Service and self-service environment provisioning provide the foundations for delivery pipelines and how Configuration Management will be central to Continuous Delivery.

CCRM Richard Josey - Building the perfect Change Process

Following on from Vawn Guest’s presentation on the essentials of Change Management, this interactive session will explore the key decisions required fit Change into your organization.

Participants will be asked to share their ideas and experience on key decision points, regarding the depth and scope of their own Change Management processes.

This knowledge sharing session will help participants explore and understand the benefits of various approaches.

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SAM Leo McDonald and Stuart Dicken - Licensing Gotchas, SAM Tools the Golden Bullet?

In this session we will look at a number of licensing gotcha and understand how technology can be used to protect your organisation from falling foul of these common mistakes but also where technology itself cannot protect your organisation. This session will include real life examples of how technology and services can save your organisation from commonly seen mistakes by software auditors.

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14.30 - 15.15

CD Lars Bendix - Automated communication for improved deliveries

A central part of configuration management is about handling and managing handovers and deliveries. The DevOps process focus on taking an application from development to deployment. However, a pre-requisite for this to run smoothly is that developers get early feedback on problems in the integration of their work with that of other developers.

In more general terms the customer for 'XxxYyy' is not always Ops, the initiator is not always Dev, and the product not always an application to deploy. In our case we want to improve the DevDev process where developers deliver changes to the code to other developers in preparation for initiating the DevOps process. Automating the communication of change information can improve the developer-to-developer delivery process by creating more awareness about how one developer’s on-going work is currently impacted by the on-going work of other developers.

In this presentation, we report on the results from providing agile teams with automated awareness information. The purpose was to provide quick, immediate feedback as early as possible and not postpone that feedback to be part of the DevOps process itself.

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CCRM Stephen Hart, Andy Fleck & Tuuli Sutinen - Situational Awareness enabling Incident detection during change windows

Presentation 1
As the complexity, scope and speed of change is increasing there is also the blurring of lines between a change and normal operational process. This new reality has a direct impact on operations, especially where the configuration of delivery infrastructure is more a logical and a physical reality.

This session explains how situational awareness when applied to IT can accelerate the route to proactive problem management. We explore this on a conceptual level, the inevitable change in the approach to underlying processes (Change, Config) and its impact elsewhere (discovery, continual service improvement).

Presentation 2
Continuing from the previous session on Situational Awareness with Andy and Tuuli, this second session describes the concept with the use of a case study. The presentation will show how seemingly low level event information and the closer ties between change/configuration and event management need to evolve. The ability for operations to 'see' the Operational Incidents vs Agreed Change and have the ability to monitor the effectiveness of a change post implementation in real time.

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SAM Biswakesh Patnaik and Anil Wangoo - Software Asset Management programs - Why smaller is better!

IT leaders are constantly pressed with the demand for cost optimization, contracts compliance and efficiency gains. Software asset management (SAM) is a key focus area to achieve these objectives and several organizations have initiated programs in recent time to optimize their SAM and related capabilities.

While there are several organizations with successful SAM initiatives, there are also a large number of organizations which haven’t been able to achieve the desired benefits. The complexity in licensing models, multiple variants of disintegrated SAM processes/tools, distributed ownership, unclear scope, lack of governance etc. are few of the challenges faced by SAM initiatives. Inability to manage such challenges often results in prolonged timelines, budget overruns and eventual program closure without achieving the intended results.

Need for today is to plan and execute SAM initiatives with smaller timelines, well-defined and contained scope, agreed deliverables with interim checkpoints, and clear understanding and agreement on what is expected to be achieved and how.

Join this session to hear about industry best practices, case study walkthrough and real world examples on formulating SAM initiatives. This session is targeted towards ITAM managers, Program managers, IT leaders, ITAM practitioners and will cover the following topics -

  • Business case for smaller SAM initiatives.
  • Typical Software asset management quick wins.
  • Do’s and don’ts for formulating and executing SAM initiatives
  • How to measure the success of SAM initiatives?

Walkthrough of a case study with real world artifacts and examples.

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15.45 - 16.30

CD Kirsty Burgess - Taming the wild child of SCM - using Git in the Enterprise

Are you under pressure from your developer community to adopt Git?
Does the mere thought of implementing Git make you come out in a cold sweat?
Fear not - Git can be tamed!

In the last 18 months, the Met Office has implemented Git as its source code management tool across its IT department with enthusiastic uptake and success. This case study will look at why we did this when we already had an SCM solution in place and the processes and tools that were introduced to enable the migration We will highlight the challenges you are likely to experience on this journey and even show you the light at the end of the tunnel!

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CCRM Michael Stroh - Automated Discovery Applications (ADA) - Examining The Heart of ITIL

Accurate infrastructure book keeping has always been a key component in any successful organisation. However, the complexity of an organisation’s IT infrastructure inventory increases exponentially with the number of components. In order to manage this complexity in large organisations, it is necessary to automate the infrastructure discovery processes.

This session discusses the following topics relating to ADAs:

  • ADA Overview
  • Implementation Approach
  • Business Value Rationale
  • Market Trends
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Key Learnings
  • Pitfalls and Mitigation Approach

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