Kevin Parker, Serena Software

Kevin is a 30 year industry veteran, holder of three technology patents and today is VP and Chief Evangelist at leading Application Development vendor Serena Software (www.serena.com). In the past three years he has been crossing the globe working closely with analysts, the press, customers, partners and employees to exchange ideas about industry direction and business issues.

In the past year Kevin has spoken at numerous conferences and seminars on a range of leading IT topics, including methodologies, business analysis, quality assurance techniques, governance, open source issues, tool interoperability, from the mainframe to distributed to the web and embedded systems. He is a much sought after speaker, recognised around the world for his provocative and entertaining style. He was born and educated in the UK and now lives and works in California.

Dennis Sheilds, London Borough of Waltham Forest

Dennis is Chair of the BCS Essex Branch. He has over 36 years experience across a number of industries and environments most recently with the London Borough of Waltham Forest. Roles included:

  • Principal Network Analyst LB of Waltham Forest
  • Technical Support Centre Manager LB of Waltham Forest.
  • The Computer Operations Officer for Essex Fire and Rescue Service.

He also has an interest in flying: assisting with atmospheric research using computers and other instrumentation while flying over Essex and the North Sea.

Vincent Partington, XebiaLabs

Vincent Partington has been working in IT for more than 15 years now. While studying computer science at the University of Amsterdam he got involved in the then budding Internet scene in Amsterdam, working at the first free Internet service (De Digitale Stad) from 1995 onwards. After graduating in 1997, he continued his work in the Internet industry. He quickly stumbled upon what was later to become J2EE and delivered his first Enterprise Java application in 1998.

After working in the Java EE space at different companies, Vincent Partington joined Xebia in 2003. At Xebia he has performed a whole range of assignments covering the whole spectrum of the activities of Xebia IT Architects: middleware architecture, automated build and deployment systems, performance tuning, security assessments, SOA architecture and numerous software audits. He has also taught a number of courses on Enterprise Java topics such as security and the Spring framework

Seeing the need for a standard solution for Java EE deployment automation, Vincent Partington founded the startup XebiaLabs in the summer of 2008. After delivering the first version of the product to launching customer KLM, the product, Deployit, was extended to not only support WebSphere Application Server but a host of other middleware platforms including Oracle WebLogic Server, JBoss Application Server and Tomcat. As the Chief Technical Officer of XebiaLabs Vincent is involved in development of the product and research into new features and new directions for the product.

Vincent Partington holds a masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Paul Stiles, CA Technologies

An experienced Senior Architect within CA Technologies services division, specializing in Service Management, automation and integration.

Paul is a lead figure in numerous large scale service management implementations throughout EMEA and beyond. Experienced in CA solutions, databases and integrations with external software solutions, in many industry verticals and market sectors. Particularly experienced in service provider implementations, blending process, people and technology in large provider companies where customer maturity levels may vary significantly.

He is a member of numerous technical and process councils and the development community within CA, with a background in application development, databases and application management. Interested in abstraction approaches to implementations, leveraging CA's best practice approach to Service management within ITIL frameworks in practical ways using content packs, reusable processes and proven implementation approaches.

He is engaged with product management and support communities both within and outside CA Technologies, to broaden and simplify the integration capabilities between toolsets such as Service Catalog, Service Desk, Asset Management and other technologies to provide end to end full life cycle service management solutions. Particularly skilled and experienced in the design, implementation and coaching of Service Catalog request management soutions and associated orchestration technologies in complex environments.

Paul is a keen cyclist and interested in travel.

Julian Simpson, The Build Doctor

Julian Simpson started his career formatting 10-megabyte hard disks on IBM AT PC's. Since then, he has run his own business connecting people to the Internet, been a very angry helpdesk operator, a Unix systems administrator, and team leader. Julian spent four years at ThoughtWorks doing build, continuous integration and deployment on large software projects. He has worked on Java and .NET projects in Telecommunications, Media, Finance and Insurance industries.

Julian is Principal Consultant at The Build Doctor Limited, the company named after the blog. He has presented at Agile 2007, XP Day 2007, QCON 2009, QCON 2010, Spa 2010 and frequents the CITCON and DevOpsDays conferences when he can. He lives with his wife and children in Woking, Surrey.

Deborah Pitt, HM Land Registry

Deborah Pitt was appointed as Configuration Administrator for Land Registry Information Systems in November 2009. Her interest in CMDB was sparked nearly 15 years ago when she did an ITIL Version 1 Foundation course, and thought 'CMDB, that sounds like a good idea'. She kept the faith through the years that CMDB was 'a good idea', and was ready when the new challenge was offered. She was appointed into this newly created role with a brief to get a CMDB in and running for the following summer. Needless to say, it didn't quite work out as planned. 2010 was a challenging year, trying to juggle business expectations and technical capabilities, but 2011 is proving more fruitful.

Deborah's career in IT over the last 20 years has largely focussed on mainframe middleware such as CICS, Websphere, MQ and Broker. Service Management has been embedded in the culture of the organisation for over a decade, so her mission was to build and expand upon what already existed using her in-depth knowledge of the IT systems and the support teams. This specialist knowledge was vital when building the CMDB, and encouraging it's use as we continue towards our goal of ISO20000.

John Abram, Monetical

John founded Monetical in 2006. Monetical is a ready-to-go global consulting software service providing programme managers with cost-effective access to the appropriate industry expertise, unique analytical capabilities and predefined programme workflows that help identify and understand key performance influences. John has 20 years experience working in the fields of product analyst, product management and consultancy at some of the worlds largest software organisations. John holds a MSc in Computing for Manufacturing, Management & Technology and holds a MBA from the Bradford School of Management and in 2008 was a BCS 'Consultant of the year' Finalist.

Julian Wilson, The Caravan Club

Julian is the Change and Configuration Manager at the Caravan Club (TCC), a role he has held for the past 3 ½ years, prior to which he was a Project Manager for six years, an analyst programmer for four and on the service desk for two. The Caravan Club is an organization with around 170 sites and around 1200 staff.

He passed the intermediate v2 ITIL Change and ITIL Configuration Management exams in 2007, the ITIL Service Manager's Certificate in 2008 and then the v3 ITIL Expert exam in 2009. His MBA with the Open University was completed in 2011, specializing in Creativity, Innovation and Change and Knowledge Management.

The implementation of SAP at TCC in 2009 necessitated a review of the way in which changes were dealt with because we went from a highly stable situation to one in which two or three CABs were being held weekly. As a group IT and business have, over the past two years, worked towards a monthly release schedule based on the efforts of a variety of staff around the organization using ITIL and Agile processes.

Kalyan C Thatavarti, Xpedite Technologies Inc

Kalyan is Release Manager/Configuration Manager based in Columbia MD, USA.

He has over 9 years of IT experience and with more than 5 years of specialized experience in Configuration and Release Management with reputable clients like ING Direct, Kentucky Form Bureau Insurance, Citibank, Texas Park & Wild Life, Union Bank of Switzerland and Merrill Lynch. His expertise includes preparing release estimates for size, scope, timing, dependencies, schedule and deployment, and managing the entire release process from end to end. He has worked with Agile/Scrum Methodology and is well versed with continuous integration tools like CruiseControl, AnthillPro & Hudson and worked on technologies like Maven, ANT/NANT, ClearCase, SVN, CVS, Remedy, etc. Strong knowledge in ITIL Service Management concepts with ITIL v3 certification through EXIN & PMP certified by PMI (Project Management Institute). He has also served as the liaison between the Onsite and Offshore India-based development teams, Project Managers, Production Support teams and business stakeholders at the director/VP levels in various projects.

Brian Scott, Service Management Connect Ltd

Brian is a Service and System Management IT Consultant and Director at Service Management Connect Ltd. He has over 24 years IT and Telecoms experience including 21 Years MoD in various posts in the UK and abroad covering Service and System Management engineering and operations. An ITIL V3 Expert, ITIL ICT Infrastructure Manager (Orange Book) and ITIL Service Manager (Red Badge) Brian is also an active member of the Configuration Management Specialist Group and Treasurer of the Service Manager SG. He has spent the last 4+ years in industry delivering solutions and implementations for large Managed Service projects. This has included toolsets and process for Configuration Management Systems where he was delivering for ITIL Operations but implementing via Application Management methods, he is therefore well aware of the difficulties in mapping the processes, requirements and particularly the duplication of data and toolsets needed to run two sets of independent CM.

Ian Johnston, IT Monitoring Solutions

Ian Johnston is a long-term member of BCS, a Chartered Engineer and ITIL accredited in both ITIL Infrastructure and Service Management. He has hosted a number of events for the BCS with recent presentations on Managing the Enterprise Architecture and Service Management – Service design, instrumentation and monitoring tools.

For over 15 years Ian led the team developing and delivering all British Telecom's system, application and service management tools. Throughout this period Ian was continuously approached by service management product suppliers promoting their tools. Ian resisted all these offers and looked for a more sustainable approach to managing complex IT systems.

He introduced a simple standard to all define application events, and associate these with the business processes and underlying IT service components. This was successfully implemented in over 80 major application components and 800 interfaces covering more than 120 million transactions daily.

Ian worked closely with colleagues Dr John Palmer and Andy Dadic who will also be attending the conference. Together they discovered the disparities that existed between the development and operational communities. They developed innovative processes and techniques to improve this situation including a 'gold-standard' for measuring the value of external support suppliers and modeling techniques to improve the consistency and operability of major software releases.

Simon Fisher, IBM

Simon Fisher is a technical consultant specializing in Configuration and Change Management within the Rational Brand of IBM. Simon has extensive experience of the deployment of CM solutions for large and small customers within the UK and spends his time ensuring that the IBM solution meets the customers' current or desired process requirements. In addition he is focused on delivering measurable business value from a customers' investment in IT infrastructure. He has a background in software development and is a Sun Certified Java Programmer, a skill which he uses daily in developing integrations between IBM Rational and third party software.