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The membership of ELITE, the Computing Leadership Forum, includes directors, managers, professionals, academics, thought leaders and others, from all sectors, both inside and outside the IT industry.

Application for membership is open to anyone, whether or not a member of BCS, making distinguished and influential contributions to computing leadership in and across communities, and who has attained at least fellowship in their professional institute (FBCS) or equivalent or is nominated by three current ELITE members.

To apply for membership please email

BCS membership is not essential. BCS Fellows are asked to include their BCS membership number with their applications. Otherwise applicants must include their BCS membership number, if any, and an up to date CV.

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BCS ELITE on LinkedIn

Only members of ELITE, the Computing Leadership Forum, are eligible to join the BCS ELITE LinkedIn Group. Members of ELITE, who have not already done so, should apply to join this Group where they can keep up with events and discussions. When applying to join the LinkedIn Group members are asked to email their BCS number, if a BCS Member, to and state in the email that as a member of ELITE they are applying to join BCS ELITE on LinkedIn.

BCS Fellows who are not members of ELITE may submit an application to join the LinkedIn Group and will be added to the ELITE membership list and approved to join this Group. Applicants who are not BCS Fellows who apply to join ELITE through LinkedIn, are asked to supply an up to date CV and BCS membership number, if any. If these are not supplied within two weeks, it will be assumed that the applications to join ELITE and BCS ELITE on LinkedIn have been withdrawn and a 'Decline' message will be sent from LinkedIn.

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As it’s you, not your role, that determines your ability to lead, your membership supports you throughout your career and beyond. Find out how to join us and enjoy the benefits of being a member of the group.

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