09.30 - 10.15 - Keynote Speech

Chris Rae - The Killer Triangle

If you look at any annual report from any major enterprise and you are more than likely to see three common drivers they all face - the 'Killer Triangle':

  1. The 'Generation Z effect'
  2. Remote working
  3. Business innovation

What challenges do enterprises face with these three drivers, and what are the consequences of ignoring them?

Having spent over 25 years talking to hundreds of 'C' level executives, let me share with you why it is important to have a firm business plan to deal with the 'Killer Triangle'.

10.15 - 10.45

DevOps Mark Warren - Configuration Managers - The New Super Heroes?

If 'Software is Eating the World' and 'Every Business is a Software Business', doesn't that make Configuration Managers the new super heroes? There's no doubt that software is everywhere - from cars & sat nav systems to smartphones and TVs. But today even furniture and clothing manufacturers are becoming software businesses. That means there are a lot of new kinds of configuration items and contributors that need to be considered by Configuration Managers.

In this session, we will look at the expansion of software across all industries, the challenges that are introduced, the risks to be aware of and the kind of benefits that an enlightened organisation might realise from this shift. What super powers does this new generation of Configuration Managers need?

CCRM Tuuli Sutinen - Measure, Communicate, Repeat: How to Use Metrics and Effective Communication to Manage Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Change and Configuration Management is a key area of IT Service Management (ITSM), yet often regarded as too complex or costly to be worthwhile. However, understanding the Configuration Management Database (CMBD) landscape and avoiding high-risk, emergency, or unplanned changes are the most common drivers for CCRM. Drawing on her experience in IT service management, Tuuli presents her views on how to leverage reporting and metrics, in addition to effective communication, to deliver tangible results. And as the icing on the cake, well-executed CCRM processes will also help you to increase customer satisfaction. Finally, you should take a step back, reflect and analyse the changes, and through understanding their impact you can further improve your metrics and communication.

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SAM Stuart Dicken / Madalina Chirulescu - Surviving an Audit: Know your rights and your obligations

This session will help you understand the questions you should be asking yourself not just at the point of audit but ahead of any audit to ensure they have as little impact on your business operations as possible. Using real life experience Madalina and Stuart will talk about audits implications for a number of publishers including Microsoft, Oracle and VMware. Your take away from this session will be an understanding of what is required of your organisation and the tools and services you use to be adequately prepared for any Publisher audit.

11.15 - 12.00

DevOps Marisa Sawatphadungkij - Evolution of Configuration Management into a DevOps / Agile World

CM's goal is to support builds & tools to help release products. What does it take to be a CM engingeer in an Agile world with all the DevOps buzz words around? What was the impact? Is CM needed? This presentation is about my CM experience moving from Waterfall to an Agile environment using the DevOps concepts. How has Drillinginfo transitioned their culture, process, and technology to accomodate this.

CCRM David Cuthbertson - CCRM Techniques for Data Centre and Physical IT Infrastructure

While data centres and networks are growing rapidly, the systems and processes needed to manage change often lag the control requirements - with configuration management often seen as being solved by spreadsheets. This presentation will cover typical issues as well as case studies of infrastructure configuration management in practice.

SAM Steve Massie - Conquering the dark arts of License Compliance Challenge

License and Software Asset Management is one of the most complex, difficult and poorly understood areas of IT management. And yet license compliance is a legal necessity that major vendors are enforcing ever more aggressively through audits.

This session will look at these complexities and challenges and will highlight, via everyday scenarios, just how easy it is to be non compliant. It will then look at what is required to deliver an effective license compliance management system and why this is more about process and organisation than technology, though it will also highlight what makes for a useable technology solution.

12.00 - 12.45

DevOps David Daly - Legacy Code, New Methods - How we reduced our build effort from 2 weeks to 30 minutes

In this presentation, David Daly tells the story of how a team working with a large legacy code base successfully adopted social engineering (using Git and Github). They discovered many benefits along the way, including:

  • Faster working for developers
  • Utilising "branch per feature" to ensure a release candidate is always available
  • An increase in the openness and visibility of their work
  • Easier code reviews

Their journey culminated in automating their build process and reducing the time taken for a full software build from 2 weeks to just half an hour.

CCRM Oliver Bendig - The impact of Enterprise Mobility on IT Service Management and Compliance

Today’s employees have the desire to work from anywhere, anytime and on any device. To support mobile work-styles many IT organizations have started to use Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions to control the Mobility Tsunami. But a Mobility project is more than just technology and does not end with the ability to deploy Apps and Data to devices.

The mobile workspace creates new requirements on IT Service Desk and the Compliance processes and teams. Learn in this session about the impact of Mobility on IT Service Management and License Management and how to avoid the most common pitfalls in Mobility projects.

SAM Telma Rafael - Gain control of your SAP Investment

The decrease of on premise license revenue is leading SAP to audit existing customers more and more in depth than ever before.

SAP license agreements are often complex with licensing rules that can be vague and open to interpretation. Get control of your SAP licenses and usage to avoid overspend on new licenses & annual support.

An increasing number of SAP customers are being approached by SAP for significant, unbudgeted license fees related to indirect use of the SAP software.

Proactive mitigation of risks and monitoring of SAP usage can empower you when negotiating with SAP, to enable sustainable SAP procurement and SAP asset management.

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13.45 - 14.30

DevOps Shaun Adams - Forget all these DevOps Bibles, I just want a dictionary

The advent of DevOps has introduced a huge number of new terms and acronyms. Why are there two definitions for Configuration Management? What is the difference between Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment? Can you even have two CD’s? What is a Pipeline? What is DevOps?!?!

Not only are Software Vendors and Webinars are beginning to offer advice on implementing DevOps, your own Development Teams, Operations Staff and Project Leads will be using new terms almost interchangeably.

Before following DevOps Best Practices, borrow their dictionary of terms and understand what they really mean. Discover what DevOps is and more importantly what it isn’t.

CCRM Richard Josey - Building the perfect CMDB

This interactive session will explore the key decisions required fit Configuration Management and CMDBs into your organization.

Participants will be asked to share their ideas and experience on key decision points, regarding the depth and scope of their own CMDBs and Configuration Management processes.

This knowledge sharing session will help participants explore and understand the benefits of various approaches.

SAM Kevin Smith - Winning CxO Stakeholders for Software License Optimisation

As SAM continues to gain prominence this presentation focuses on examining the business case for next generation Software License Optimisation and winning support within the C-Suite of stakeholders. Specifically looking at the C-Suite’s own objectives, pains and considerations, and discussing how a well planned and business value driven Software License Optimisation strategy can ultimately benefit all levels within the organisation.

14.30 - 15.15

DevOps Shirley Lacy - DevOps in a cloud environment

In this session, an ITIL Author and ISO 20000 contributor will take us through the various aspects of applying DevOps thinking and approach in a cloud environment.

  • What considerations are needed from a Change and Configuration Management perspective?
  • What best practice should we remember as we move to innovative and fast paced working models?

These questions, and more, will be investigated and discussed.

CCRM Michael Stroh - Service Maps - From Server to Service Management

This session will discuss service maps and their importance in ITSM and ITOM. The idea of a service map is key in determining the relationship between a business service and its servers. Without a map, there is no way to navigate around business service infrastructure, and the server becomes central in Service Operations issues.

Service maps have traditionally been created manually, and the signatures of business services have been captured in coded relationships. However, due to increasing complexity and the sheer number of services, this manual effort has not been successful in mapping services accurately and in a timely manner. New technology now exists that automates the service mapping task, and provides the business with their often promised advantages over server based operations.

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SAM TBC - Symantec Licensing

Symantec are currently implementing major changes to their corporate and operating models, with the result that they have dramatically increased their audit activity over the past few months.

Symantec licensing is not on the radar of many SAM practitioners, and as a consequence is poorly understood.

In this session we will be presenting critical details on Symantec licensing as well as providing some tricks of the trade when defending a Symantec Audit.

15.45 - 16.30

DevOps Stuart Rance - Legacy systems, critical systems and DevOps

In this session we will be taking an eagle eyed view on DevOps, how it fits into our new world and how best to apply it in a variety of settings.

A variety of aspects such as ensuring security, reliability alongside business agility and alignment will be investigated.

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CCRM Brian Scott - SIaM and SACM: finally bringing CM, ITAM & SAM together?

Brian provides a real case study examination of transforming disparate configuration and asset teams, processes and tools together to provide a core capability for multi-service integration. He will provide an overview of the SIaM framework, the concepts of Supply and Demand and the need for integrated configuration and asset practices across the supply chain.

SAM Tony Crawley & Gillian Leicester - The Cabinet Office View of Software Vendors

In this engaging session we will present a view on SAM from the public sector.

You will hear, first hand, about current approaches to the UK government's fiscal requirements, including the strategy and vision as well as critical commercial aspects.

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