Personal data

We are committed to making personal data work for everyone: organisations, individuals and society alike. We want to put people in control and at the same time empower organisations to use data in more beneficial ways, with genuine trust on both sides.

Our goal is to achieve the full potential of data by seeking the best possible public benefit. We want to get the best outcomes for the most people with the least risk and harm. We believe this is not only desirable, not only achievable but essential to the future of our society. To achieve that goal, we believe the following are essential ambitions:

  • Safety
  • Integration
  • Relationships

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PEEL project
BCS has supported the PEEL project which seeks to address the link between increased social media use and declining self esteem. As part of the wider discussion around young people and the online environment we have launched a consultation on the Internet Safety Strategy green paper launched by the Government recently - please take a moment to share your views.

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Echo Chamber Report

Read the report from the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media exploring the impact of how digital technology is effecting UK politics and society.

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Our survey said...

We surveyed over 450 BCS members and 2000+ UK adults via YouGov on the issue of Personal data.

Personal data challenge

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The data expert view

See what Julian Schwarzenbach, has to say about Data being a brownfield site.

Julian Schwarzenbach

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Policy workshops

Workshop reports, discussion notes and videos.

Expert group 001 - 8 February 2016