09.25 - 10.10 - Keynote Speech

Roo Reynolds - Agile service delivery in the public sector

Roo will share a brief history of the Government Digital Service together with what he learned about agile delivery in the UK public sector. Bring your questions!

10.15 - 11.00

Dev Ops Vawns Murphy - Using DevOps to take your operating model from good to great!

Being just "good enough" isn't good enough any more. This session will look at how to use DevOps to take ITSM service delivery from good to great! The presentation will give practical guidance on how to establish a DevOps culture, practical hints & tips and using a blended approach to deliver value.

CCRM Marilyn Birt - Agile Breakout

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SAM Jelle Wijndelts - Transformational Change in SAM and back to basics

Controlling change requires fundamental, accurate data. In this session Jelle will take a step back and look at the challenges accurate data and business demands currently place on organisations and how they can be solved with technology.

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11.30 - 12.15

Dev Ops Connor Shearwood - Good Tools are Invisible - Continuous Delivery in a Polyglot Environment

This session will discuss how to nurture the culture and tooling required to give developers the freedom to work in the way that best suits them whilst providing the guarantees of CI/CD in an agile environment. This ranges from ensuring that process and tooling don't get in the way of work to making sure that good practice is the easiest option and providing the structure to make comprehensive automated testing simple and reliable.

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CCRM Michael Stroh, Configuring the Internet of Things

In this session Michael will discuss IoT enablers, one of which is an accurate, up-to-date CMDB to manage the "things". Networks in IoT are expected to be modular, and CMDB technology could be applied within those modules. The other enablers that will be discussed are the Open Compute Project, the 5G initiative, and IP versions.

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SAM John Springall - Compliance by Design

How does your organisation meet the compliance challenge and disruptive vendor audits?

For many it is a reactive response, akin to a sticking plaster on a cut. Prevent that cut: John Springall describes an alternative approach based upon planning, contracts, vendor relations, standards and tactical application of software tooling.

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13.30 - 14.15

Dev Ops Patrick Bolger - Time to rethink your ITSM

Traditional ITSM has served us well, enabling us to manage IT operations and serve the needs of the business. However, times have changed and the modern user is bypassing IT at every turn. Dissatisfied by out-of-date approaches and technologies, users are sourcing their own applications, using personal devices at work, and seeking their own resolutions to IT problems.

In this session, Patrick will explore the lessons we can learn from modern consumer technologies, and how they can be leveraged to provide the service experience our customers want, while reducing demand on busy ITSM teams. It’s time to rethink your ITSM.

CCRM Alvin Deen - Configuration Management in a multi modal enterprise

The world of the IT estate is rapidly changing, the need for a robust and sustainable CMDB is evident now more than ever. Getting the fundamentals right are an necessity to ensure a sustainable CMDB capability. In this session we will explore some of the key concepts and approaches adopted by HPE customers to establish a successful CMDB:

  • What is the CMDB vs CMS?
  • Depth vs Breadth?
  • How do I decide what to put in a CMDB?
  • How do I make the CMDB sustainable?

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SAM Jason Keogh - Getting to Know 19770-3 - Software License Entitlement Management

There is a new International Standard from ISO for Software License Entitlement Management called 19770-3. By knowing about and leveraging this standard, IT professionals can gain advantage in negotiations with any software vendor, for any software product... regardless of if the vendor supports the standard yet or not.

This presentation will cover off what the standard aims to provide, how this impacts the future of Software Asset Management and IT Procurement and how you can leverage the standard to gain advantage with vendors during software procurement and renewal negotiations.

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14.15 - 15.00

Dev Ops Robert Cowham  - DevOps and the Cloud

DevOps (Continuous Delivery) enables companies to innovate and increase the velocity of releases to customers while ensuring high quality. This approach significantly reduces risks, increases the ROI of development and reduces time to market. Companies at the forefront of DevOps are able to release multiple times per day with minimal risk.

This presentation will get you up to speed with the principles and practices, and cultural shift of DevOps. It addresses some aspects of integration with cloud deployment services and discusses various enabling technologies for automated build and testing, orchestration and configuration management. This will include hybrid cloud installations where source repositories and production environments may be on-premise.

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CCRM Roddy Barnes - Becoming a Service-Oriented IT Organisation

Roddy will speak on the opportunities and challenges of moving from a traditional apps-and-users IT operating model to a service-oriented model. With examples of best practise he will explore the key decisions around data model, tooling, data quality and culture change.

SAM Kieron Dean - Software License Optimization in the Cloud

Every cloud has a silver lining and this briefing from Flexera Software will address optimising your license position in the Cloud. The drive to adopt cloud services is growing at a rate 5 times that of the rest of IT spend and with this brings an increasing number of diverse and complex licensing models specifically for the Cloud. This presentation will discuss the challenges of gaining visibility and reducing overall cloud licensing spend while managing risk of non-compliance.

15.30 - 16.15

Dev Ops Kaimar Karu - Will ITIL and DevOps ever learn to play nice?

In this session presented by Kaimar Karu, AXELOS’s Head of ITSM, you will hear about what the future holds for how IT teams will utilise the best of ITIL and DevOps, in order to enable successful continual delivery throughout Software Development and IT Service Management.

The coming together of these two IT methodologies should now be a vital consideration for every IT department worldwide. This is because the demand from businesses for a more practical and understandable approach improving the speed and maturity of business change, is now completely underpinned by IT. To fulfil this need, Software Development and IT Service Management need to find an effective method of alignment.

Kaimar will discuss how you can practically adapt your use of ITIL to ensure the easy passing of work between development service management. To not only ensure the business sees IT as a true enabler of change, but to also provide a better working environment for everyone in IT.

CCRM Joe Biancalana - Big Data Analytics in Configuration Management

How to utilise Big Data Analytics approaches within a Configuration Management Context.

SAM Martin Prendergast - Enriching ITSM with the future of SAM

In this presentation we will show you how to drive even greater ROI from your ITSM platform.

During the presentation we will address:

  • Why software asset management is critical to the delivery of enterprise IT
  • The business benefits SAM can deliver far beyond just licencing compliance
  • Why ITSM needs specialist SAM tools beyond what comes “out of the box”
  • How “Traditional SAM tools” can deliver data accuracy and data input integration into ITSM’s CMDB
  • How Future SAM tools can deliver even greater ROI throughout ITSM including:
    • Integration with incident, problem, project and change management
    • Advanced predictive analytics
    • Technology scenario modelling

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