At all stages of life, everyone should have the thinking skills to thrive in the digital age.

The UK is facing a skills crisis. There is a lack of young people with sufficient work-ready digital and computing skills. To avert this crisis, every child in every school should have access to a world-class computing education, and to get these digital skills, we need to improve the supply of qualified, capable and confident computing teachers.

As a report by the UK’s national academy of sciences finds more than half of English schools do not offer GCSE Computer Science, leaving too many young people without the chance to learn critically important programming and algorithm skills at a crucial stage of their education.

This report states that unless the government urgently invests £60m in computing education over the next five years - a tenfold increase from current levels that puts it on par with support for maths and physics - an entire generation may never unlock the full potential of new technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Read our initial response to the report here

Education is one of our challenges which focus on empowering and supporting people and communities with a clear purpose of making IT good for society. Find out more about the current situation and our activities below.

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