Making IT
good for society

The impact of IT on modern society is greater than ever, it's down to all of us to ensure it is positive. We are engaging with partners, organisations, government and individuals by addressing the wider issues around the role of technology in society.

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Our challenges

Find out more about our challenges. How do you think technology is affecting our society, children and our relationships?

Ways to get involved...

Your chance to get involved - Read more about the challenges and find out how you can help.

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Events and community

Bringing people together, members, experts, and people from all walks of life.

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BCS Membership

Join us to make a positive impact on society through IT, and improve your knowledge and network at the same time.

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Get involved

Make a positive change in your community; people and projects are waiting to benefit from your time, knowledge and expertise.

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See how others are getting involved

IT Recruitment Thinkshop

As part of the new BCS strategy making IT good for society we are addressing the problem of IT capability.

Brexit IT Impact event

See the highlights from our recent IT impact event help in Manchester

BCS launches Computing At School (CAS) Youtube channel

The channel focuses on how to teach Computer Science to young people.

The importance of electronic health records

Why it's important to keep your online records safe and secure.

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