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IT plays a vital role in our modern world. Technology has the power to enable us to lead better, more fulfilling lives. We know IT has the potential to change society, and it’s our job to make sure it’s for the better.

Join us and improve your own development, knowledge and network, whilst making a positive impact through IT.

Associate (AMBCS)

If you have one year’s IT experience then it’s £88 to become an Associate member.
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Professional (MBCS)

If you have one of the following: Five years IT experience, or 2-3 years IT experience and a relevant recognised qualification; or an Honours degree with BCS accreditation, then it's £139 to become a Professional member.

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Fellowship (FBCS)

If you can demonstrate leadership and seniority, authority, or eminence in the field of IT then it's £189 to become a Fellow, with an application fee of £160.
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If you're studying at the moment then it's £37 to become a Student member.
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