Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups meet as and when required (usually 4 - 6 times per year) to address issues of concern or interest to the membership. The meetings run from Friday afternoon to early Saturday evening under the Chatham House Rule and aim to provide a convivial environment for a small group of interested members to address an issue in depth.

Attendance at SIGs is limited to members and the occasional invited expert with places (usually no more than 20) allocated on a first come first served basis. Members pay their own accommodation and subsistence costs but otherwise attendance is free.

The outputs of SIGs are generally published through this website.

Special Interest Groups

News and events


The videos from the highly successful Free Educational Day on 12 October 2018 are now available under the Educational Videos tab

Prizes and Awards

The 2018 winner of the John Perry prize was Dr Raza Toosy for Patient Leaf.

The 2018 winner of the Early Career award was Dr Shamil Haroon for his work on "Information standards for recording alcohol use in electronic health records: findings from a national consultation"