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Mentoring plays a unique and valuable role in career development for IT professionals, providing a highly rewarding experience for both mentor and mentee.

It's about more than processes and systems

A well-matched mentor relates to situations and works through strategies with their mentee to achieve great outcomes. The relationship supports personal growth for both parties, developing communication, confidence and self-awareness.

Career Mentoring Network (CMN)

Our Career Mentoring Network allows you to match your profile and skills (held or desired) with other BCS members, connecting you with potential mentoring opportunities. The matching process is driven by the competencies you add to your profile; you choose the individuals you think are a good match for you.

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Mentors - the benefits
Inspiring another person and seeing them progress and benefit from your knowledge and insight is a hugely rewarding experience. You’ll also broaden your own knowledge - about technology and about yourself, as you engage with different areas of the industry, hone your listening skills and nurture tomorrow’s top talent.
Mentees - the benefits
If you’re a student, or you’re taking early steps in your career or a new role, the support of a mentor can build your confidence and boost your performance. By tapping into the experience of someone who’s followed a similar route, you’ll learn from their successes and failures, develop tried and tested business practices, and expand your network and horizons.

Mentoring fact file

  • You don’t have to be a senior IT professional to be a mentor
    You can be, but you can also simply be one or two steps ahead of your mentee to add value; for example, a postgraduate in their second year of work can be a great mentor for a student.
  • Mentees will have experience too
    However, you’ll recognise that you can still benefit from the evidence of others – perhaps in a new role or discipline.
  • Mentors and mentees should choose each other
    In the best mentoring relationships, the partnership is chosen by both parties. Our Career Mentoring Network allows you to check each other’s profile and approach, before deciding if the match is a good one.
  • Sometime the mentor is younger than the mentee
    The IT industry moves at an incredible pace and the latest generation of IT professionals will gain knowledge and experience in their field that can benefit someone with many years behind them in the profession.
  • Remote mentoring can work
    Good use of technology will help facilitate good mentoring relationships wherever you are in the world. As with many business interactions, face-to-face meetings work well but so does video conferencing like FaceTime or Skype, or a simple phone call. Email is useful too though a solely email-based relationship won’t be so effective.

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"It's amazing what you can discover. When you're asked a question, that's when all your knowledge comes to the fore; that tacit wisdom you didn't know you knew."
Jill Dann FBCS CITP, Director Consultation Ltd

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Silhouette of a person's head with cogs turning withinMentoring forms an important part of your CPD which is why many employers are happy for you to allocate time to it.