Cyber Security

May 2017 saw, for the first time, the result of a sophisticated ransomware attack, and the effects that it had on the NHS, including ambulances being turned away and patients having their operations cancelled whilst preparing to go in to theatre. The WannaCry virus, as it became known, had found a key vulnerability, and it had a devastating impact as one hospital after another reported that it had been affected; nearly 50 in total.

In the immediate aftermath, experts and insiders alike went on to news outlets and on to social media, with their explanations or how this could have happened.

What is clear is that something needed to be done to ensure that such an attack will never have the same impact on the NHS in the future.

This is why, working with professionals, healthcare informaticians, our members and other partners across the health sector, we have come up with the Blueprint for Cyber Security in Health and Care. We could not have achieved this without the help, dedication and support of our partners.

This is just the start and, as we set out in the Blueprint, we have drawn up a roadmap for the next three years. If you’d like to join us and be part of this initiative, please get in touch

'Now the public see that what we do matters, we have to rise to the challenge; being professional means putting the public first.'
David Evans, Director of Policy, BCS

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