CAS Tenderfoot

CAS Tenderfoot is a Google-funded project producing high quality CPD and content rich resources for use with key stage 3 teachers. The purpose of each Tenderfoot Unit is to equip trainers with material and ideas to support Computer Science teachers.

CAS Tenderfoot is focussed on developing teachers’ deepening subject knowledge. Although the resources used are excellent materials for use in the classroom the key aim is to provide greater depth of knowledge for teachers themselves.

If you are a trainer and wish to deliver CAS Tenderfoot training, please email:

Tenderfoot units:

  • Laying Firm Foundations: A Conceptual Approach to Programming
  • How Computers Do Stuff: Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs
  • Clever Stuff For Common Problems: Going Beyond Simple Algorithms
  • Bits and Bytes: The Digital Advantage
  • Theoretical Computers: Fun With Finite State Machines
  • Bits AND Chips: The Simple Ideas That Make Computers Tick
  • Simulating Our World: Adventures in Agent Based Modelling

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