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The BCS Academy of Computing is a community of organisations and individuals with a shared goal to advance computing as an academic discipline for the benefit of society.

Since the Academy’s inception we have worked in partnership with a number of organisations to deliver on this goal. We have also consulted with a wide range of stakeholders and provided expert input to a number of Government reviews, curriculum debates and policy consultations among other things.

The Academy was founded as a partnership between the Institute, The Council of Professors and Heads of Computing (CPHC) and the UK Computing Research Committee (UKCRC). Collectively CPHC and UKCRC can legitimately claim to represent the UK academic computing community across the whole spectrum of education and research. It is a significant achievement that both CPHC and UKCRC are able to partner with the Institute in establishing the Academy.


CPHC is an independent body of senior UK computing academics formed to advance public education in the core subject of Computer Science and in the wider context of Computing and its applications. Its membership includes virtually every academic computing department in the UK. CPHC has a leading role in shaping the national computing agenda in HE. For example, it is recognised nationally as the Subject Body for Computing by the funding councils and QAA.

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UKCRC is an independent body of experts formed to promote the vitality, quality and impact of computing research in the UK. It is an expert panel of BCS, the Council of Professors and Heads of Computing and the Institution of Engineering & Technology.

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Computing at School

The Computing at School (CAS) working group aims to promote the teaching of computer science at schools. It is a membership association that is an integral part of the Academy. The main activities of CAS include:

  • supporting computing teachers with teaching materials, training, local hubs, newsletters and networking opportunities
  • acting as a subject association for computing teachers
  • working with institutions on the design of computing curricula and qualifications
  • advocacy at national policy level regarding computing education

The CAS board is part of the BCS governance structure and reports into the Academy. The chair of CAS is also represented on the Academy board.

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Other partners

We have also worked with the following organisations and associated projects to provide expert input, impartial advice and support for conducting and publishing research into computing education and practice.

Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE)

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Department for Education

Education for Engineering (E4E)


NESTA and the Next Gen Skills Campaign


The Royal Academy of Engineering

The Royal Society

The Royal Society of Edinburgh

Wilson Review of Business-University Collaboration

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Computing At School