Honorary Fellowship of BCS

Nominees will have made an outstanding contribution to the charitable objects of the BCS over an extended period of time.

The Honorary Fellowship of BCS is awarded under Bye -law 8 of the BCS's Royal Charter and Trustee Board Regulation 1.3 specifies that the award may be made even if the individual in question is not already a member of the Society and may not be eligible for any other class of membership.

The Award was first approved in 1969 in which year the first election was made. The Community Board is responsible for identifying and proposing suitable candidates. The actual election of such members of the profession is by a Resolution of Trustee Board.

There is no restriction on the nature of the work nor the area of activity within the Society which would be considered appropriate. However, the contribution should be of overall benefit BCS as a whole and not simply the area in which it is made.


Any candidate for Honorary Fellowship should be considered against the following criteria:-

  • At any time, both the contribution to BCS's work and the stature of the individual nominated should be commensurate with the standards set by previous recipients. There is no overall limit to the number of Honorary Fellows although it is not expected that there will be more than 2 Honorary Fellows elected in any one year.
  • To be elected, the nomination must be on the Trustee Board Agenda, and at least 3/4 of those present must resolve in favour.

Roll of Honorary Fellows