Programme delivery methods

Multiple site delivery, franchised study, validated study, study and work placements and distance learning.

This page describes varying arrangements where students achieving an award of an HEI do so in ways that reach beyond the traditional residential delivery and assessment of a curriculum. These include:

  • Multiple site delivery
    Where a programme of study of an HEI is delivered and assessed independently at different campuses of the HEI.
  • Validated study
    Where the programme of study is designed and delivered by an organisation other than the awarding HEI but is validated and overseen by that HEI as one of its awards.
  • Franchised study
    Where a programme of study of an HEI’s designed and approved curriculum is delivered and potentially assessed by an organisation other than the awarding HEI. Such students may complete the study entirely at the franchisee organisation (total franchising) or transfer to the franchisor at some stage beyond the entry level of the curriculum (partial franchising).
  • Online / Distance Learning
    Where students are supported in whole or in part in their learning and assessment remotely located from the delivering HEI. The method of delivery of the teaching and assessment may be by posted textual material or by electronic means. Programmes where delivery is delegated to another institution will normally be viewed as franchised programmes.
  • Study placements
    Where students undertake part of their studies at locations other than the awarding HEI. These might be in a different HEI or organisation within the UK or overseas.
  • Work placements
    Where students undertake some form of intercalated internship in support of their studies, which is assessed and features as a part of their achievement of the overall award: e.g. a sandwich degree.

In each of the above arrangements, the processes of accreditation undertaken by BCS will be founded upon the basis that the study is suitable, well supported, and is undertaken within a sound framework of quality assurance and enhancement, thus ensuring that student achievement can be reliably assured.

The detailed accreditation processes employed in any one instance will reflect this. Where any of these activities is outside the UK then permission will need to be sought from the local government and any indigenous professional computing society for such an accreditation visit to proceed. Early advice should be sought from the Education Team ( by HEIs seeking accreditation of programmes delivered by the arrangements described above.

HEIs interested in including programmes for accreditation which are either delivered at multiple sites or operated by collaborative partners under franchising/validated programme arrangements should contact the Education Team for further information:

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