Sponsor Profile - Select Business Solutions

Select Business Solutions, a member of the The Gores Group, LLC (www.gores.com), has long been a major influencer and thought leader in the application development and software development process space.

Select was recently voted by the Computer Business Review as one of the Top Ten Most Influential Application Development Vendors.

Select's mission is to improve our customers' productivity by providing comprehensive solutions consisting of pragmatic tools and services for business critical software development, deployment and management, as well as business intelligence.

Select's Leading Solutions Include: Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)
Whether you are aiming for CMMI 'certification' or purely improving your software development processes Select Process Director can help you move up through each level of maturity to CMMI level 5.

Model Driven Architecture (MDA)
MDA is about more than template driven code generation, as some vendors would have you believe. Select Solution for MDA has a true 'three level' separation and even extends into the design of physical component deployment, giving you four levels of abstraction.

Select Solution for .Net
A modeling tool that allows organizations to leverage service and Component Based Development (CBD) to deliver systems that meet evolving business needs. Select Component Factory tightly couples component build and solution assembly for Microsoft .NET, transforming the way you deliver applications.

Rapid Business Development
Deliver systems on time and to budget with a highly scalable, end to end design solution for business, data, object, component and web services based application development tool Select Component Architect which includes; BPMN, BPM, UML and Data Modeling support which generates Java, XML Schema, VB, VB.NET, C++, C#, eclipse as well as database schema.

Reporting and Web Enabling Solutions for Mainframes
UltraQuest and NOMAD offer a number of reporting solutions for the enterprise based on our many years of experience in the reporting and analysis business.