Local Representation

With the expansion of BCS, the role of local branches is extremely important and the ability to get in touch with a local YPG representative is essential.

The YPG recognise that is not always easy for younger members to gain access to information and have therefore initiated a program called YPG Network, designed to ensure that each BCS branch and university has access to a YPG Representative or Ambassador.

YPG Members YPG Representatives are volunteers, normally serving as a young representative of a local BCS branch and acting as a facilitator between a number of different people. Often this may be to promote award programs, arrange events, pass on details of any special offers or information on specialist projects, or to pass feedback and enquiries from the branch (or members) to the Executive Committee.

The branch or university may request that their YPG Representative or Ambassador take on a formal role as the main contact point for any student enquiries. We have introduced a Rep of the Year award to reward representatives for their commitment. We are also represented in several countries around the world.

The Network is talking and ideas are being formulated, events are being arranged, new local competitions are been organised and we have created online tools that enable members of the network to discuss ideas, share and exchange experiences and to network on a personal and professional level.

Please get in touch with your local YPG Representative - they will be happy to meet you and there will be social events to which you will be invited. There are some BCS branches that do not have a YPG Representative and are actively searching for candidates. Please check the list and get in touch with your local branch if you are interested in this position.

If you are a student or affiliated with an educational establishment, many areas have university and/or education liaison officers on the local branch committee.

We encourage as many people as possible to get involved. Being an active member of the YPG can bring many benefits! For specific queries on any of the above, please always feel free to email ypg@bcs.org.uk.

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