2002 events

Past events held by the Consultancy Specialist Group.

Date Event Title
17 Dec 02 Business benefits through quality and .NET
30 Nov 02 Successful consultancy - onwards and upwards
27 Nov 02 Riding the storm: Strategic planning in a turbulent market
21 Nov 02 Joint Institutional Networking Evening in London
20 Nov 02 Protecting your company's email from viruses, spam and porn
13 Nov 02 Improving local authority services through the use of smart cards
12 Nov 02 Variety is the spice of simulation life at British Airways
07 Nov 02 Developments in process management systems
06 Nov 02 In or out of IR35
06 Nov 02 Business benefits and challenges of next generation contact centres
30 Oct 02 IT direction: managing risk, minimising cost, maximising value
23 Oct 02 Delivering global excellence - Alan Jones, Group Managing Director, TNT Express (PPT 1.3MB)
22 Oct 02 Setting up and running a successful consultancy
22 Oct 02 Maximising the value from change
19 Oct 02 Working from home as a consultant
15 Oct 02 What is Information Security and BS7799?
08 Oct 02 Sharing congested networks and the pricing of bandwidth
08 Oct 02 Enterprise Planning (ERP) systems: Do they measure up?
05 Oct 02 Annual RG Conference
26 Sep 02 Developments in risk management techniques
26 Sep 02 Intellectual property - its creation, protection and exploitation
17 Sep 02 Act ll of the internet economy
17 Sep 02 When to DIY and when to call in an MR specialist
10 Sep 02 Network asset performance modelling
22 Aug 02 Identity matters at The Smart Government Forum
03 Jul 02 E-Commerce: Legal and Taxation Issues - William List, CA Hon FBCS
11 Jun 02 Having the consultants in: Do we do it with them or do they do it to us? - Zoë Dayan, DTI (PPT)
22 May 02 Mobile Commerce - The now and the future - Helen Wylde, Senior Executive at Vodafone
21 May 02 Secure E-Systems - William List, CA Hon FBCS
Certificate in IS Consultancy Practice - David Brain, Director of Consultancy, KnowledgePool (PPT)
12 Feb 02 A review of consultancy skills training - Dr.Mike Kearsley, Chairman ISEB in IS Consultancy (PDF)