BCS has carried out many interviews with key figures from the IT industry.

  • Uwe Boll (1)
    Never far from controversy, the ubiquitous film director / writer / producer Uwe Boll recently took time out of his busy schedule to talk to Justin Richards about how he got into filming, the film industry in general, his favourite films and his plans for the future.
  • Samantha Kinstrey
    Technology and learning tools are evolving constantly. Jutta Mackwell spoke to Samantha Kinstrey of 2e2 about how these changes affect the way we approach training and the implications for organisations, trainers and staff.
  • Valerie Maddock
    Valerie Maddock, Head of IT Learning and User Support at The Salvation Army UK Territory and IT Industry Award Finalist 2009, spoke to Jutta Mackwell about her job and how she introduced e-learning to train staff of one of the UK’s largest providers of social care.
  • Rikki Hunt thumbnail
    Wi-fi has been touted as the future of mobile coverage for nearly ten years, yet we still need hot spot finders. Could that soon change? Digital City UK has been running a pilot near Swindon for free wi-fi coverage. Brian Runciman spoke to CEO Rikki Hunt about progress, problems and prognostications.
  • Ed Vaisey
    Ed Vaizey MP, the UK's broadband minister, spoke to BCS Editor Henry Tucker about how we can enable the information society, close the digital divide and why everyone needs a Wii.
  • Nigel Shadbolt
    £30 million is being set aside by the government to create the Institute for Web Science. It will be headed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web, and web science expert Professor Nigel Shadbolt. Henry Tucker spoke to Nigel about it.
  • Mark Kelly
    Rock band Marillion’s keyboardist, Mark Kelly, recently chatted to Justin Richards about the evolution of music software, how the internet has changed the music industry and why music piracy is so prevalent.
  • David Akka
    Magic Software has been a global vendor of application platforms for approximately 25 years and is based in more than 50 countries. David Akka, Managing Director for UK, Eire and Nordics at Magic Software talks to Justin Richards about his work, cloud computing and project management.
  • Jimmy Wales
    Co-founder of Wikipedia and Wikia, Jimmy Wales speaks to BCS Editor Henry Tucker about politics online, the future of paper, why not everything should be on the internet, large video projects and the power of mobile carriers.
  • Sophie Johnson
    Miss Universe UK contestant, agile expert and all-round geek girl Sophie Johnson talks to Justin Richards about breaking stereotypes and her career in the IT industry.