BCS has carried out many interviews with key figures from the IT industry.

  • Andrew Dymond
    Andrew Dymond, CEO of LightWorx Media, recently spoke to Justin Richards about digital effects in film and television, his predictions for future SFX and about some holographic technology he’s currently working on.
  • Ian Livingstone
    Thoughts of a gaming legend. Life President of Eidos and co-founder of Games Workshop, Ian Livingstone, gives advice on project management, what the games industry in the UK needs in order to prosper, how to change the perception of games and more.
  • Bob Gilbert
    Bob Gilbert, Chairman of Nominet spoke to BCS Managing Editor Brian Runciman about Nominet's function as a registry for the internet, about regulation of the web and ISPs, the legislative landscape and the Nominet Trust.
  • Tom Kilroy
    The head of the largest part of Intel's business, the digital enterprise group, discusses the importance of return on investment, security, compliance and also the issue of performance versus energy consumption.
  • Maggie McClelland
    Maggy McClelland, Head of Managed Services at Colt, recently spoke to Justin Richards about managed services, virtualisation, project management, women in IT, and service management.
  • Elizabeth Sparrow, President
    BCS Managing Editor Brian Runciman chats to the recently inaugurated BCS President Elizabeth Sparrow about her plans for her time in office, the BCS in general and about Savvy Citizen, which she's been involved in promoting.
  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee
    The interview features Sir Tim talking about the many different aspects of his work, his views on the world wide web today and answering questions sent in by members of the Institute via Twitter.
  • David Langford on beach
    David Langford is a British author, editor and critic, largely active within the science fiction field. He publishes the science fiction fanzine and newsletter Ansible and writes a regular column for SFX magazine.
  • Getting on in business is about results, not gender, says Samantha Kinstrey, managing director of 2e2 Training.
  • Tim Knudsen, Director of Product Specialists for Akamai's Application Performance Solutions recently chatted to Justin Richards about all things cloud.