Past events

Past events from the Scottish Testing Group.

Date Speaker Title
May 2017
Isabel Evans

Dan Martland

UX? What about TX for Test Automation?

Next Generation Testers

October 2016

Fiona Charles

Experiential training workshops (Zip - 76Kb)
May 2016

Bill Matthews

Richard Bradshaw

Testing in the age of complexity (PDF 1.15 Mb)
Automation in Testing (PDF - 1.96 Mb)
December 2015

Paul Coyne

Bart Knaack

Everything I know about testing I learned from the Scientific Method
(PDF - 2 Mb)
Survival Guide for Testers (PDF - 7.7 Mb)
STG Test Lab additional information
October 2014

Steve Green
Jackie McDougall & Debbie Woelfell
Simon Salmon
A structured approach to Exploratory Testing
Testing on Trial

Information wants to be free
April 2014
Graham Thomas

James Christie

Natural Born Testers. Are you one? If not, then become one!
(PDF - 1.5 Mb)

Farewell to Pass or Fail
(PDF - 1.2 Mb)

October 2013
Jean-Paul Varwijk

Matt Wynne

Graham Freeburn

Results Driven Testing - or how a bank changed its testing approach 
(PDF - 2 Mb)

What is BDD and why should I care?
(PDF - 3 Mb)

STG 2014 - What now? session
(JPG - 174 kb)

STG 2014 - What now? session
(PDF - 1 Mb) 

April 2013
Wolfgang Platz

Irwin Fletcher
Stephen McAinsh

James Lyndsay

Shift Left - Test Automation in Agile Environments (Unlock the Secrets)

Agility and Hypnosis

The Search for Surprises

Audio will be available shortly

October 2012
Stephen Readman
Kevin Campbell

George Wilkinson
TDD - It's not Tester Driven Development (PDF - 1 Mb)

Creating Balance as a tester in Modern Times
(PDF - 4.2 Mb)

April 2012
Goyko Adzic
Bart Knaack
Reinventing Software Quality
When Testing Becomes a Risk
(PDF - 1.3 Mb)
October 2011 Mark Fewster
Chris Ambler
AGM (PDF - 84kb)
Experience Driven Test Automation
(PDF - 184 kb)
Hot Topics (PDF - 1 Mb)
Adding Value (PDF - 1.67Mb)
May 2011 Clarke Ching
David Farrell-Shaw
Agile Thinking - It all started in Glasgow
(PDF - 1.4 Mb)
Leap of Faith - We haven’t hit the ground ... yet
(PDF - 371kb)
May 2010 Michael Bolton
Two futures of Software Testing
(PDF - 657kb)
Six Short Talks about Software Testing (PDF - 3.58 Mb)
Burning Issues of the Day (PDF - 53kb)
Nov 2009 John Isgrove
Stephen Allott
Collaborative Consulting (PDF - 1.5 Mb)
Pairwise Testing (PDF - 122kb)
Aug 2009 Dot Graham
Clive Bates
Test Automation Objectives
(PDF - 1.6 Mb)
A Pragmatic Approach to Improving Your Testing Process
(PDF - 3Mb)
Dec 2008 Ian Londesborough
Stephen Morrow
Governance Management and Testing in an Outsourced Model
(PDF - 303 kb)
Addressing Information Security at The Source
(PDF - 2 Mb)
Nov 2007 Paul Gerrard
Graham Freeburn
Managing software projects with intelligence (PDF - 1.1 Mb)
Managing service partnering
(PDF - 479 kb)
Selection, organisation and contract management of testing partners 1 | 2
(PDFs - 713 kb & 105 kb)
Gill Sans font for printing other pdf's
(TTF - 73 kb)
How to tell your boss that your testing is not mature
(PDF - 8 Mb)
Test estimation problems and improvements
(PDF - 5.7 Mb)
Jun 2007 Julie Gardiner
Thorkil Sonne
Colin Robb
Classification trees (PDF - 97 kb)
Special member for the dream team
(PDF - 381 kb)
Wealthware or shelfware
Apr 2006 Mark Fewster

Testware architecture (PDF - 100 kb)
Measurement of automation (51 kb)
Dec 2005 James Lyndsay

Achievable futures (584 kb)
A positive view of negative testing
(278 kb)
Apr 2005 Hans Schaefer

Testing in darkness (199 kb)
Risk based testing (759 kb)
Dec 2004 James Bach
James Bach
Graham Freeburn
Collecting and interpreting bug metrics
(2.0 Mb)
How to be an expert tester (61 kb)
Better by design (2.1 Mb)
Jun 2004 Lloyd Roden

Becoming a trusted advisor
A bugs life
Oct 2003 Les Hatton The power of modern testing (1.3 Mb)
May 2003 James Bach

Exploratory software testing explained
(378 kb)
Heuristic risk based testing (70 kb)
Nov 2002 Bob Bartlett, SQS Testing toys & tools
Apr 2002 Paul Gerrard
Dot Graham
Agile methods & software testing (121 kb)
Cognitive illusions in development & testing
(70 kb)