Netiquette - Internet etiquette in the age of the blog

Matthew Strawbridge

Publisher Software Reference Ltd
ISBN 978 0 9554614 0 8
RRP £12.95
Reviewed by Alan Pollard FBCS CITP VP Member Services
Score 10 out of 10

NetiquetteThis is a first class little book and I thoroughly recommend it to beginners and experts alike. However, I feel that the title perhaps undersells its appeal. Although it is true that it covers all aspects of best practice when using the internet - from simple email to online auctions - the detail goes far beyond just etiquette. It is really a very handy reference guide to all aspects of getting online. It describes and explains what all the online services are and looks into their origins. Where does 'spam' come from, what is a blog or a wiki, how do forums work?

Running through the book are 157 'rules', each cross referenced and summarised for easy look up, and grouped under headings such as: email; forums; advertising; on-line services; security; etc. A bibliography and glossary complete the material.

Everyone can learn something. For example, did you know what 'address munging' was? I didn't. (It's anonymising your address.) Do you know how a 'troll' uses 'flamebait' on forums? Buy the book and find out. It will be £12.95 well spent, I can promise. Author Matthew Strawbridge, software engineer, copy editor and technical author knows his stuff and how to put it across. You'll even learn what a colophon is.

More information: Software Reference Ltd