Fedora Linux

Chris Tyler

Publisher O'Reilly
ISBN 9780596526825
RRP £28.50
Reviewed by Peter Daly CEng MBCS CITP
Score 9 out of 10

Fedora Linux Sub-titled as 'A Complete Guide to Red Hat's Community Distribution', this book offers a comprehensive tutorial of the Fedora Core (6) offering from RedHat but could be equally applied to other Fedora versions or even variants like CentOS.

It's a grand tour of the installation, maintenance and management of the distribution. It is well written, clear and concise in many of the explanations and an easy read.

It makes few basic assumptions on the part of the user; it endeavours to enable the reader to be confident when working with Fedora and it does it rather well.

There are hands-on sections, which are the primary goal, but also some good descriptions of things like run levels, user login sequence, logical volume management, RPM packaging and it is even-handed in its approach - each task or section is described from the GUI and the command line point-of-view. It also covers the spectrum of users from laptop through desktop to servers.

There are one or two errors in the text, which should have been picked up by the editor, that detract from the work but overall it’s a useful and pretty much complete treatment of Fedora. If you want to start using Fedora but don't know where to start, then this book is for you.

Reviewed by Peter Daly CEng MBCS CITP

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