Computer Forensics and Demonstration of Forensic Techniques

Kingston & Croydon Branch event, in association with the BCS North London Branch.

Tuesday 13th December 2005 at 6.00 pm for 6.30 pm

Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London.

Russell May B.Sc (Hons), CITP, MBCS Guidance Software Inc and David Watson M.Sc, FBCS Watson Business Solutions

The science of Computer Forensics was developed from the demand for addressing the specific and articulated needs of the law enforcement community.

It is different from other forensic sciences in that examinations are expected to take place at virtually any physical location including a controlled laboratory setting.

Reliable and valid methods are required to recover data from seized computers to ensure the original data is unaltered in any way or form so evidence in criminal investigations can be legally defensible.

Specialist forensic tools can be used to examine a computer for covertly hidden data, illegal files or malicious code. This event will explore the facts and fictions in this interesting and important area for all computer users.

Two related presentations are offered this evening:

  1. A look at Computer Forensics and the methodology for retrieving static data from modern storage media.

    A short ten minute presentation outlining the basic principles of computer forensics, followed by a live demonstration of forensic data recovery techniques, giving an insight into methods used to discover obfuscated or hidden data.

    Russell May BSc(Hons) CITP CEng MBCS EnCE,
    Manager of Special and Partner Projects (Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, Russia),
    Guidance Software Inc.

    Russell May is now a Senior Manager with the Guidance Software Inc having started employment as a computer forensics trainer. Russell was a Detective Sergeant with the West Midlands Police retiring in April 2002 as head of the Hi-Tech Crime Unit.

    He has worked on many criminal cases, recovering evidence from computer systems, and has given evidence in Crown Court in cases ranging from simple theft to murder and international terrorism.

  2. A look at what is under the hood forensically in MS software - Discovering metadata

    David Lilburn Watson, MSc, CISSP, CISA, CFE, FBCS, FICAF
    Principal Consultant, Watson Business Solutions Ltd.