About BCS Council

1. What is the Role of Council

1.1 The Council is a representative body of the membership that offers advice to the Trustee Board on the direction and strategy of the Institute1.

1.2 The Council is the conscience of the Institute meaning it:

1.2.1 acts as a critical friend to the Trustee Board;
1.2.2 solicits and canvasses issues and expectations from the membership;
1.2.3 influences and guides the Trustee Board; and
1.2.4 questions, challenges and seeks justification from the Trustee Board for any acts and omissions against the Royal Charter, its charitable objectives, values and ethos.

1.3 The Council should aim to be a communication channel between the membership and the Trustee Board by:

1.3.1 engaging with the membership to understand professional trends and requirements;
1.3.2 communicating such trends and requirements to the Trustee Board, especially through the Chair of the Council; and
1.3.3 communicating and championing the Institute's plans and achievements to the membership.

1.4 In order for the Council to operate effectively, members of the Council are expected to have:

1.4.1 sensitivity and willingness to listen to a broad range of views and people;
1.4.2 good interpersonal skills and ability to interact effectively with the range of different membership groups; and
1.4.3 an understanding of the principles of good institutional governance and a strong commitment to the seven principles of public life (drafted by the "Nolan" Committee on Standards in Public Life).

1.5 The Council elects senior volunteers including the President, Deputy President and the Vice-Presidents to the Trustee Board1.

1.6 For the avoidance of doubt, the Council can and should offer its views, opinions and advice to the Trustee Board but needs to acknowledge that it cannot enforce a decision or require the Institute to act or refrain from acting in a certain manner.

2. What the Council is not

2.1 The Council is not:

2.1.1 a board of trustees with trustee legal responsibilities;
2.1.2 a board of non-executive directors; or
2.1.3 a group to discuss operational and "business as usual" matters of the Institute (other than a holistic review of the accounts).

1 Extract from Members' Regulations which are available on MyBCS.

A list of all current Council members is available

If you have any further queries regarding Council, please contact:

Council Secretary
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
Email: counciladmin@bcs.uk