Annoying adverts affect website traffic


Nearly three quarters - 73 per cent - of internet users clicked away from a favourite website because of an annoying advert, according to research.

The survey, carried out by Opinion Matters for, also revealed that 59 per cent no longer visited a particular website because of its advertising.

Figures were 11 per cent higher in both cases for users in the 25 to 34-year-old age group - indicating that younger consumers are particularly impatient with advertising they don't like.

'The difference in behaviour between younger and older web users is testament that the mass audience model is a strategy that doesn't necessarily work in the online environment, and is one that risks alienating web users and negatively impacting on propensity to purchase,' said digital director Russell Goldsmith.

All of the figures were up from 2007, with gambling sites and car companies among the worst offenders.

Loud noises and a difficulty in closing or minimising windows were listed as some of the features that made adverts annoying.