Extending Collaboration with Social Software

Friday 7 November 2008

Paula Dantas
Senior IT Specialist for Lotus at IBM UK Ltd

The days when "Collaboration" meant "E-Mail" are well and truly over. Not only is real time collaboration becoming an accepted part of office life, but it is being extended to deliver Unified Communications and Collaboration.

However this is just the start. Web 2.0 is extending traditional Team Collaboration and Document Sharing solutions with Social Software designed to run within an enterprise and encourage better dissemination of information and faster decision making, as well as empowering employees to deliver the innovation companies need to maintain their competitive advantage.

This session looks at IBM's internal experiences from our research into social software and the impact it is having on the way we do business.

About Paula
Paula Dantas is a Senior IT Specialist for Lotus in IBM UK working in Software Group. She has been working with Collaboration software for many years and her main responsibility is to provide technical sales support to clients using Lotus software.

PDF fileHow IBM is using Social Software internally (6Mb)